Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Find Free Quality Stuff on the Internet

google search trick find quality stuff
Here what I reveal the most impressive trick and it would be very useful for every internet user. This isn't very hard to do or something very stranger but this can tolerate to your mind for think differently. What I most hated thing is getting lots of unrelated and unnecessary things at the search. This is consuming our time probably you would agree with me. So every time I though how to get the best stuff for my criteria. No doubt Google is best than any search engine but it also gives some dull search results but that doesn't mean Google isn’t useful. Still Google in the first place but it is not enough for getting the best in the world. My reveal will become very useful at this point and seems it is the best way which can use to find the best stuff by filtering out most unnecessary results.

Have you every though a Google search that is combined with Social Media? Probably many of you say no.

Here how I combine social media sites (digg, stubleupon, reddit) with Google and the answer is what we expect at most of times.

Google + Social Media Sites = Quality Free Stuff

Here how we can implement what I represent by above formula. Think if you need to search web for Icons, computer wallpapers, images, blogger & wordpress templates, tutorials, articles or etc. Searching only Google can't give you the world best but it isn't mean Google search is not enough but search social media through Google can give you the best stuff that is rated by most people like us. That can be more beneficial because we know those results had filtered two times, filtered by Google and also filtered by humans. Isn't this great?

Think if we hunt Google for free computer wallpapers, then we can narrow our search and add some extra portion and search social media.

Here how I implement my search for digg.com content.
Site:digg.com "computer wallpaper"

Search stubleupon.com for icons
Site:stumbleupon.com "web 2 icons"

You can search reddit for free templates
site:reddit.com “blogger templates”

The word “free” is almost not necessary as we know many of stuffs at those sites are free. So using free word, you can miss some good results.

Here something I have learned, we can search any site using the code site:anysite.com "search criteria" and that will be more helpful for searching sites that hasn't their own site search option.


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