Sunday, December 21, 2008

Search Faces behind the Result at Google Images

Find Faces on google searchSometimes you may want search Google for peoples in some specified category but the truth is search result not only including peoples. It gives many pictures that are related to the search term. But this is not efficient and you may need to navigate more and more pages and it would be time consuming.

There is a neat trick that you can filter out many unnecessary image results and make your search more efficient and smooth. This trick filters the images that are not including peoples so the result will include only images of peoples.

This can become handy if you're looking for images of the renowned people behind popular companies, products or geographic locations. Also this can perform easily by appending the code &imgtype=face to end of the URL in browser address bar after you perform any search at Google Image search.

I include two examples below to demonstrate how to append the code I mentioned earlier, comparing below examples you can notice the different between results we are getting using normal search and using our new method.

Also not only faces we can find through Google. As much as Google flexible, it gives wide range of opportunities for its users. There are few other specifications for images introduced by Google for make smoothness of searches. Here are some other codes we can use at Google image search and more targeted searches can implement by using these codes.

&imgtype=photo - Search For “photo content”
&imgtype=news - Search images including in “News”
&imgtype=clipart – Search “Clip Arts”
&imgtype=lineart – Search “line drawing”


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