Saturday, January 31, 2009

Domain Transfer Guide

Domain Name Transfer

Domain name transfer
is a process of transferring your domain name management under one registrar to another. Domain registrar is responsible for the management of your domain records only. In another words by transferring your domain register to another is not affect to your website or DNS.

When the domain name is being transferred, the registrar of the domain name is being changed but it is no effecting with your owner status.

Transferring domain name is an easy procedure you need to have a domain under your ownership with one register and a registrar that you want to transfer that domain to.

There are two ways of transferring domain.
  • Partical Transfer
In any domain register go to “My Account“section (the name can be slightly different), click the domain you wish to transfer and then click "Manage Name Servers"
  • Full Transfer
In My Account section, click the domain you wish to transfer and then click "Transfer away"

The transferring process can get slightly different from one register to another. But all registers are supplying good enough details about the procedure of they use.

For successful domain name transfer the domain must be active. If the domain is locked, inactive or in the process of being deleted or redeemed, then transfer process would be unsuccessful.

Also domain name must have been registered for more than 60 days before you transferring it to another registrar. However your domain involved in a legal dispute or if you are facing bankruptcy then you may not be successful too.

Transferring domain name normally can take more than 7 business days and the time is depending on the register you have chosen. Cost of the transferring and other facilities also vary one register to another, always keep in mind to choose old register and that is recommended by most of the happy customers.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Domain Names Backordering

Domain Name backorder

Backorder Domain
is a service that facilitates you to grab which you most desired domain names those are already bought, when they expire. Backordering any domain you can assure that you can buy it before it grabbing anyone else when specified domain is available for buying. In every month there are 750,000 domains are expired and become available.

Normally domain names are registered for between 1 to 10 years and before the registered period over the domain author should renew it and extend the register period. When the domain author unable to renew the domain that domain name get expired some certain of time after the registered period is over.

Domain Name Backordering types:

Some domain name services like and eNom are not deleting the domain names even they are expired and at the situations domain author wont renew it at all. Instead of deleting the domain names this type of services are assigning the domain name to the parties that paid for backordering the specified domain name.

Through Coordinated Registrars:
This type of searvices acts as backorder brokers, which are submitting single backorder application for multi-registrars. The disadvantage is this type of services haven't there own backorder service and process can be slow.

The advantage of getting services like domain backorder is it will guarantee you and there are much percentage of success with the domain name grabbing before it registered by someone else. Other than doing all the things manually these systems are fast, this increase and guarantee of an expired domain names is registering before it is returns to the public pool of available domain names.

Here are few steps for backordering you a domain name with
  • Go and register with (this is free)
  • And then search for any domain name that you would desire to buy.
  • In next stage domainit will show you the current state of the domain name whether it is available or not
  • Here I got result for Google
domainit backorder searvice
  • If you need to backorder the specified domain name just click on the B letter (B letter available if the domain can backorder only)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Domain Name Tools

Domain Name Tools

Form this post I would like to give you about few interesting and important tools that is conjunct with the domain names.

These tools are very important if you serious about your existing domain names or domain names that are going to buy newly.

I recommend you to try out all these tools even you're not a web site owner, with these you can get a little assumption about how domain works and so on.
  • Domain Name Generator:
Domain Name Generator is useful if you're going to buy a new domain but you cannot decide what kind domain will be more suits to your needs. This is a great tool which has sophisticated algorithm for deciding domain names for the given keywords and terms. You can generate and test as much as possible domain names that are related to your business, product and etc.

  • Domain Name Expiration Reminder:
This is useful tool for domain name authors also peoples that look domain names that is owned by someone else. This is very important both aspects when a specified domain going to expire this tool can warn to the real author or the person who willing to buy it. Best this is you don't need to keep your eyes on this tool is doing it for your and email you when it gets the domain expiration clue. Expiration Reminder

  • Domain Global Lookup Tool:
This tool searches domain names that are available with different suffix, lest say you need to buy a domain name with a certain suffix (Ex: .com / .net / .lk) and if those are not available then you can use this tool for check availability of domain names with the different extensions for the given term. Global Lookup Tool

  • Domain Name WHOIS Lookup:
This tool can use for find important information about exiting domains, Using this you can find out DNS information, NIC handle information and more. WHOIS Lookup Tool

  • Secure Domain Name Management Console:
Domain name administration console is a tool can use for change any information associated with your domain name. Including administrative, billing and technical contact information and etc

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Domain Name Understanding (Portions of a Domain)

Domain Name Parts Understanding
When you design your own website you need mainly consider about two facts, Domain name and Web Hosting. Your site can be personal or a business no matter without those two facts you can't present your web site to your clients or fans.

A Domain Name is a unique for a site. In other word it is the address for your site. Just like your home address if somebody needs to find you then he needs to know your address, of course domain name is the path for your site. Unless anybody know your site no one will comes there. Even your site has good products or information.

By the way before guiding you to buying a domain name I thought to give you some useful information about the parts of domain name and why those parts are stand for.

Domain Name Rules:

A Domain cab be contain up to 67 characters and can includes the 26 letters of the English alphabet, numbers 0-9, and hyphens (-). Even the domain name can consist by more hyphens it cannot begin with a hyphen or end.

Http - Http stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.

WWW - World Wide Web

Domain Name suffix (extensions):

Last portion of a domain name is called as suffix. This can be varying to site by site and depend on the purpose of the site.

.com - commercial business domain
.net - commercial network
.org - nonprofit organizations
.edu - educational institution
.gov - government agency
.mil - military

Also there are many additional domain name extensions there. biz, bz, info, tv, name and etc. In present biz and info domains are cheap rather than other types.

Also domain name extension can depend by the country, for Sri Lanka the name extension is .lk

Domain name can consist of two or more parts that are separate by dots. The rightmost label conveys the top-level domain of the left lable. Ex: comprises a sub domain of the com domain, and comprises a sub domain of the domain

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Firefox Go back to previous state

Firefox solution go to previous open tabs

With the Firefox you may had bad experience like accidentally closing tabs even fully browser also sometimes Firefox is getting stuck and you may need to reopen it and when it backs all tabs you had opened earlier are gone.

Here I though to give you some tips for the situations like I mentioned above.

When a tab is close accidentally you can just reopen it without no effort, of course no effort there is a option for this but many of us unaware about this.

Right click on any where in tab bar and click "Undo Close Tab"

What about closing entire browser accidentally other than a tab or you may need to open your browser some another time for complete the task. Other than saving every opened URL for next time you can save all tabs before you close the browser.
  • First go to "Tools" then "Options" and open "Tab"
  • Under it check the box of "Warn me when closing Multiple tabs" and save
Firefox browser tabs save and quit
Next time when you're going to close your browser it will warn you either cancel or save your tabs for open next time.

Sometime I'm facing browser stuck and then I had to reopen my browser this can close my all opened tabs forever, but instead of closing browser and reopening its good if we can restart browser with the previous opened tabs.

Firefox add-on restart

Quick restart is small extension for implementing this by adding extra option under File menu.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Solution for Dealing with Various Social Network Accounts

Social Network solution software

All in one solution for those who have been a part of many social network sites and people who would like to keep track their online friends activities while doing there work.

What I most heated thing is when dealing with social networks , Instant Messaging services like Google talk, yahoo, face book and also with my varies email accounts it is time consuming.

Checking accounts one by one is would be take more than a day :( Digsby is free solution for peoples those who has same confusion with there various type of accounts. What Digsby doing is automatically checking all your accounts and inform you if there is new change after a certain time.

Digsby also has some limitations but it goes further than other this type of software. Digsby supporting many popular services, all are listed below

Instant Messaging services:
AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber, and Facebook

Email services:
Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL/AIM Mail, IMAP, and POP accounts

Social Networking:
Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn

I think this is more enough, all you have to do is download Digsby and insert your logging details one by one through the “Add Account” option available in Digsby main window.

Right after you were enter Digsby will scan your accounts for newest data that has send by your friends and display them automatically every time you're accounts get updated.

Digsby is still available for windows only. Mac and Linux users will need to be waiting until Digsby next release.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rip Videos from sharing sites like YouTube

rip videos from sites tutorial

Video sharing sites like youtube, video Google, metacafe, iFilm, Putfilm, break are many popular those days. Many of these sites are web based that means no download option. So you would like to download these videos other than watching them online.

There are many software for implement this even some of them are free of charge. But there are many defectives also.
  • Normally these software very slow.
  • Most of them are advertising based.
  • Not reliable. (not like paid software freeware can deliver some malicious files eg: browser hijackers )

Keepvid is web based software for downloading videos form many video sharing sites it is not limited to 3, 4 sites keepvid is going more beyond from that. But most people thought it just stand only for Youtube. What keepvid does is searching pages for videos so it is not limited to youtube. You can enter any web page that has embedded video.

For the demonstration purpose I’m going to show you about downloading metacafe video. But as I said this is not limited to metacafe or even youtube. You can just try any site that has online video players.
  • First you need to copy the url of any metacafe video.
(Ex: "" )
  • Paste the URL in the url bar in the opening page

  • Click download

  • This will bring you video download links, some of these videos are available high quality and low quality formats. You choose high quality if available.

If you use download manager then you can download these video through it. NO more slow downloads.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Create Autoplay HD Youtube Videos

Autoplay Youtube Video
Have you ever notice videos that are runs without your knowing right instant when you open web page? Creating auto play video and embed them into any web page is can implement easily, only you need to do is upload your video to YouTube and embed them using the code I given here, instead of the code given by the YouTube. When anybody opens the web page videos are play automatically, and in here I have set the videos to high quality.
  • Go to and upload your video
  • Get the video URL (Example:
  • Copy the video ID (The last part of the video URL) In my example Video ID is LLNvCt4vzEI
  • Replace the VIDEOID in the below code with the ID you got.
<center><object width="640" height="505"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="640" height="505"></embed></object></center>

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Free Driver Updater portable utility

Driver Updater Free 3dp chip

3DP chip is freeware for design to check and inform users to old drivers and far this is the best free utility I found for keep up to date installed driver versions. Most of us don’t know about the advantage of having updates for exiting drivers or even some of users don’t know about the whole process of driver updating.

What 3DP Chip does is automatically check your devices and make it easy to download the latest versions of five major drivers with a simple click. If we go to update our drivers manually then we have to find installed devices and check them for either newest version of drivers are available or not. This is why most of computer users not tend to update their drivers even they are available for free.

The hard part is almost completing by the 3DP chip and we only need to do is download and install the latest versions of drivers.

3DP chip identifies hardware devices that have been installed on your computer (CPU, Motherboard, video card, sound card, and Ethernet) will locate the most up to date drivers available for those devices.

Advantages of keep up to dating drivers:
  • New drivers fix stability issues, increase performance or add new functions are can have with the latest versions freely.
  • It is almost good for having newest drivers for the latest OS otherwise some of devices won’t work properly.
  • With the latest versions system will be faster and smooth, devices can work together more efficiently than before
Download 3DP chip Here

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Improvements of Internet Explorer 8 beta

Internet Explorer Improvements

I just wonder after I installed newest version of the Internet Explorer (IE 8 beta) it has more improvements and optimizations furthermore IE not a slow browser. What it had done by the IE team is excellent. Optimizations and improvements has made IE as a complete browser solution anyway I though to discussed some improvements that are newly introduced to the IE and that would be helpful to you if you consider to move for IE back.

What I most impress feature is IE has added inbuilt privacy browser. In prior this feature is not available for freely. We had to by third party browser protection software for this. With the IE 8 inbuilt privacy browser is provided. This will ensure maximum protection while online shopping and etc.

In previous IE versions it is not possible to open new tabs, instead of opening tabs we had to open windows for loading web pages separately. With the newer version of IE has been fixed this and it is easy to open any number of tabs at the similar time. Also it allows opening duplicate tabs this is one of feature that I haven’t noticed in any other browsers.

IE 8 beta added a window for handling all privacy information this is not available in its previous versions. This is something like Firefox privacy handling window that would be very useful with some cases.

Popup blocker, Screen filter and Add-on manager are another three advance options available in IE 8. In general improvements of IE consider more about user protection than other aspects.

More bugs are fixed with this latest version of IE and also speed is improved. New graphically rich interface is user-friendly and easy to use.

What would you think about new version of IE? Let us know your experience with IE 8 happy commenting.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yahoo messenger " Internet Explorer Script Error " Code 0

Yahoo messenger Internet Explorer Script Error Code: 0

Recently my Yahoo messenger crashed it gave an Internet Explorer Script Error when I'm trying to communicate with my friends. What I have received is in above image.

Line: 7
Char: 87
Error: Not enough storage is available to complete this operation.
Code: 0
URL: ...

Every time when I open windows within the messenger this message was appear and nothing happen by clicking "yes" or "No" options at the Error window.

By Googling couldn't find anything to resolve this but at last I resolved this after spent half of a day.

What I had done is so easy.

First I uninstalled yahoo messenger using Revo uninstaller (Freeware - 1.56MB)
Download Portable version

It is important to use uninstaller software because left over information should be deleted after normal uninstaller process.

Then go to “C:\Program Files\Yahoo!” (Yahoo messenger installation folder) and make sure your yahoo installation folder (Yahoo!) deleted. If it still available there then delete it manually.

Download newest version of Internet explorer from Microsoft and install.

Download yahoo messenger and go through the typical installation process.

Close your all windows and other instance of IE while installing process. When it comes for downloading yahoo tool bar you can terminate it if you’re not interesting with installing yahoo tool bar for browsers.

Reboot your computer before open newly installed yahoo messenger and now it should work perfectly.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Make Recent Post and Recent Comment list for your Blog

recent post and comments
Sometimes you may wonder how I manage my recent posts list and recent comment list, whenever I post a new article or if a user comments on any post here it will appear on those list right instantly.

Actually this is not hard and I’m not maintaining these lists by my hands. I assume to write this for many new bloggers who willing to add a recent comment and recent post list to there site.

How to place Recent post list for blogger:

  • First log in to your blogger account and go to “Layout” and normally this will open “Page Elements” tab.

  • Click on any “Add a Gadget” and select “Feed” gadget.

  • And when it ask for feed URL enter "" as your feed, “urblogname” should be replace with your blogspot blog name, in my case I have entered my feed URL as " "
  • If you done the above step correctly then click next and right instantly your newest 5 posts will be appear at the same window. Set the title as “Recent Posts” and save.

How to place Recent Comments :

This is also implementing by using feed Gadget go through the above steps and when it ask for the feed URL set it as
" , in my case recent comment feed URL is " "and you are done with the your newest two Gadget recent comment and recent post.

Friday, January 9, 2009

AMD Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition Quad Core Processor

AMD Phenom Quad Core Processor

AMD Phenom II X4 940 Quad Core Processor HDZ940XCGIBOX

Is Deliver more sophisticated solutions with the leading-edge technology of AMD Phenom II™ 900 Series processor. Built from the ground up for true quad-core performance, AMD Phenom II 940 processor incorporates 6MB of unified high-speed L3 cache and high-speed DDR2 memory. Speed through complex multitasking, critical business productivity, advanced visual design and modeling and visually stunning digital media and entertainment. Whether it's a single solution or an enterprise system, AMD Phenom II processors have the power to perform.

Improvements of new AMD technology :
  • Incredible sharp audio, jaw-dropping performance, and graphics so intense it's hard to tell what's real and what's not.
  • Accelerated video with extreme resolution, quality, and performance for a mobile entertainment experience.
  • High definition entertainment that's light years ahead of Dual Core.

AMD Phenom II processors include AMD Digital Media XPress™ 2.0 technology, advanced technology that delivers sharper and more lifelike 3D graphics. Also AMD's advanced power management technology can help reduce PCs' heat output and increase power efficiency. Discover amazing speed with True Quad-Core Performance. The AMD Phenom II 900 Series processor is advanced technology.

Specifications :

Processor Speed - X4 940 / 3.00GHz
Processor Interface - Socket AM2+
Processor Class - Phenom II
Processor Core - Deneb
Cache Size - 4 x 512KB L2 / 6MB L3
Bus Speed - 1800MHz (3600 MT/s)

Additional Technologies:
  1. MMX
  2. SSE
  3. SSE2
  4. SSE3
  5. Enhanced 3D
  6. Cool'n'Quiet
  7. HyperTransport 3.0
  8. SSE4a
Architecture - 45 nm
Wattage - 125W
Fan - Included