Thursday, January 1, 2009

Crack Copy Protection of any web page and Enable Write Click Option

Crack Copy Protection of Web pages
Several web sites turn off the ability of right-click on there pages. You may encounter this type of problem before.

Web administrators are using this to protecting their web pages from unauthorized copying. This is very common in past, but still there are lots of sites using this to protect copying there content by others.

They use simple JavaScript to disable the ability of right-clicking on there web pages.

Here I'm going to show you a very simple way to turn this function ON.

When ever you visiting offending website type the code I gave you below in the browser URL bar, with the most cases this will work perfectly and enable you to write click on any web page and do what ever you want.


In the second half I thought to give you some example codes that can use in web sites to prevent copying there content. You will need to input these codes within header tags.

Below code is not effected by the code that I gave you in the beginning of this post, instead of using any codes sometimes you can archive your target.

For the protections like below, you can hold the right mouse button and hit enter to close the warning dialog box, and then release the right mouse button.


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