Sunday, January 25, 2009

Domain Name Tools

Domain Name Tools

Form this post I would like to give you about few interesting and important tools that is conjunct with the domain names.

These tools are very important if you serious about your existing domain names or domain names that are going to buy newly.

I recommend you to try out all these tools even you're not a web site owner, with these you can get a little assumption about how domain works and so on.
  • Domain Name Generator:
Domain Name Generator is useful if you're going to buy a new domain but you cannot decide what kind domain will be more suits to your needs. This is a great tool which has sophisticated algorithm for deciding domain names for the given keywords and terms. You can generate and test as much as possible domain names that are related to your business, product and etc.

  • Domain Name Expiration Reminder:
This is useful tool for domain name authors also peoples that look domain names that is owned by someone else. This is very important both aspects when a specified domain going to expire this tool can warn to the real author or the person who willing to buy it. Best this is you don't need to keep your eyes on this tool is doing it for your and email you when it gets the domain expiration clue. Expiration Reminder

  • Domain Global Lookup Tool:
This tool searches domain names that are available with different suffix, lest say you need to buy a domain name with a certain suffix (Ex: .com / .net / .lk) and if those are not available then you can use this tool for check availability of domain names with the different extensions for the given term. Global Lookup Tool

  • Domain Name WHOIS Lookup:
This tool can use for find important information about exiting domains, Using this you can find out DNS information, NIC handle information and more. WHOIS Lookup Tool

  • Secure Domain Name Management Console:
Domain name administration console is a tool can use for change any information associated with your domain name. Including administrative, billing and technical contact information and etc


Anonymous said...

Hi have you considered . It is a domain name generator which finds domain names which are really good?

TN - houkwing said...

No i'm not actually M not consider any domain name generating tool is the best for creating domain names. Those are suggestion tools only and those are good for getting ideas for creating domain names.

sri said...

I found the site called Tucktail.In this we can buying the domain name or selling the domain name,availability checking,and etc.,It's useful for me.

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