Friday, January 30, 2009

Domain Names Backordering

Domain Name backorder

Backorder Domain
is a service that facilitates you to grab which you most desired domain names those are already bought, when they expire. Backordering any domain you can assure that you can buy it before it grabbing anyone else when specified domain is available for buying. In every month there are 750,000 domains are expired and become available.

Normally domain names are registered for between 1 to 10 years and before the registered period over the domain author should renew it and extend the register period. When the domain author unable to renew the domain that domain name get expired some certain of time after the registered period is over.

Domain Name Backordering types:

Some domain name services like and eNom are not deleting the domain names even they are expired and at the situations domain author wont renew it at all. Instead of deleting the domain names this type of services are assigning the domain name to the parties that paid for backordering the specified domain name.

Through Coordinated Registrars:
This type of searvices acts as backorder brokers, which are submitting single backorder application for multi-registrars. The disadvantage is this type of services haven't there own backorder service and process can be slow.

The advantage of getting services like domain backorder is it will guarantee you and there are much percentage of success with the domain name grabbing before it registered by someone else. Other than doing all the things manually these systems are fast, this increase and guarantee of an expired domain names is registering before it is returns to the public pool of available domain names.

Here are few steps for backordering you a domain name with
  • Go and register with (this is free)
  • And then search for any domain name that you would desire to buy.
  • In next stage domainit will show you the current state of the domain name whether it is available or not
  • Here I got result for Google
domainit backorder searvice
  • If you need to backorder the specified domain name just click on the B letter (B letter available if the domain can backorder only)


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