Thursday, January 22, 2009

Firefox Go back to previous state

Firefox solution go to previous open tabs

With the Firefox you may had bad experience like accidentally closing tabs even fully browser also sometimes Firefox is getting stuck and you may need to reopen it and when it backs all tabs you had opened earlier are gone.

Here I though to give you some tips for the situations like I mentioned above.

When a tab is close accidentally you can just reopen it without no effort, of course no effort there is a option for this but many of us unaware about this.

Right click on any where in tab bar and click "Undo Close Tab"

What about closing entire browser accidentally other than a tab or you may need to open your browser some another time for complete the task. Other than saving every opened URL for next time you can save all tabs before you close the browser.
  • First go to "Tools" then "Options" and open "Tab"
  • Under it check the box of "Warn me when closing Multiple tabs" and save
Firefox browser tabs save and quit
Next time when you're going to close your browser it will warn you either cancel or save your tabs for open next time.

Sometime I'm facing browser stuck and then I had to reopen my browser this can close my all opened tabs forever, but instead of closing browser and reopening its good if we can restart browser with the previous opened tabs.

Firefox add-on restart

Quick restart is small extension for implementing this by adding extra option under File menu.


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