Saturday, January 17, 2009

Free Driver Updater portable utility

Driver Updater Free 3dp chip

3DP chip is freeware for design to check and inform users to old drivers and far this is the best free utility I found for keep up to date installed driver versions. Most of us don’t know about the advantage of having updates for exiting drivers or even some of users don’t know about the whole process of driver updating.

What 3DP Chip does is automatically check your devices and make it easy to download the latest versions of five major drivers with a simple click. If we go to update our drivers manually then we have to find installed devices and check them for either newest version of drivers are available or not. This is why most of computer users not tend to update their drivers even they are available for free.

The hard part is almost completing by the 3DP chip and we only need to do is download and install the latest versions of drivers.

3DP chip identifies hardware devices that have been installed on your computer (CPU, Motherboard, video card, sound card, and Ethernet) will locate the most up to date drivers available for those devices.

Advantages of keep up to dating drivers:
  • New drivers fix stability issues, increase performance or add new functions are can have with the latest versions freely.
  • It is almost good for having newest drivers for the latest OS otherwise some of devices won’t work properly.
  • With the latest versions system will be faster and smooth, devices can work together more efficiently than before
Download 3DP chip Here


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