Thursday, January 15, 2009

Improvements of Internet Explorer 8 beta

Internet Explorer Improvements

I just wonder after I installed newest version of the Internet Explorer (IE 8 beta) it has more improvements and optimizations furthermore IE not a slow browser. What it had done by the IE team is excellent. Optimizations and improvements has made IE as a complete browser solution anyway I though to discussed some improvements that are newly introduced to the IE and that would be helpful to you if you consider to move for IE back.

What I most impress feature is IE has added inbuilt privacy browser. In prior this feature is not available for freely. We had to by third party browser protection software for this. With the IE 8 inbuilt privacy browser is provided. This will ensure maximum protection while online shopping and etc.

In previous IE versions it is not possible to open new tabs, instead of opening tabs we had to open windows for loading web pages separately. With the newer version of IE has been fixed this and it is easy to open any number of tabs at the similar time. Also it allows opening duplicate tabs this is one of feature that I haven’t noticed in any other browsers.

IE 8 beta added a window for handling all privacy information this is not available in its previous versions. This is something like Firefox privacy handling window that would be very useful with some cases.

Popup blocker, Screen filter and Add-on manager are another three advance options available in IE 8. In general improvements of IE consider more about user protection than other aspects.

More bugs are fixed with this latest version of IE and also speed is improved. New graphically rich interface is user-friendly and easy to use.

What would you think about new version of IE? Let us know your experience with IE 8 happy commenting.


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