Sunday, January 11, 2009

Make Recent Post and Recent Comment list for your Blog

recent post and comments
Sometimes you may wonder how I manage my recent posts list and recent comment list, whenever I post a new article or if a user comments on any post here it will appear on those list right instantly.

Actually this is not hard and I’m not maintaining these lists by my hands. I assume to write this for many new bloggers who willing to add a recent comment and recent post list to there site.

How to place Recent post list for blogger:

  • First log in to your blogger account and go to “Layout” and normally this will open “Page Elements” tab.

  • Click on any “Add a Gadget” and select “Feed” gadget.

  • And when it ask for feed URL enter "" as your feed, “urblogname” should be replace with your blogspot blog name, in my case I have entered my feed URL as " "
  • If you done the above step correctly then click next and right instantly your newest 5 posts will be appear at the same window. Set the title as “Recent Posts” and save.

How to place Recent Comments :

This is also implementing by using feed Gadget go through the above steps and when it ask for the feed URL set it as
" , in my case recent comment feed URL is " "and you are done with the your newest two Gadget recent comment and recent post.


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