Sunday, January 4, 2009

Most Useful keyboard Shortcuts for windows XP

Windows xp useful shortcuts

Most inserting:
  • Switch between open items – ALT+TABCycle through active items in the desktop – ALT+ESC
  • Cycle through screen elements in a window or on the desktop – F6
  • Close active item or quite active program – ALT+F4
  • Close multiple active documents with no efforts (one by one) – CTRL+F4
  • Active menu bar of any program – F10
  • Go through menu – First press F10 for active menu bar and use Arrow keys for navigation
  • Prevent CD from automatically start and playing – Press SHIFT

Shortcuts for Opened Windows:
  • Display Address bar list at open window or IE – F4
  • Cycle through the options at a window – F6
  • Open common shortcut menu for any active window – ALT+SPACE BAR
  • Display the corresponding Menu – ALT +Underline letter or First letter of the Menu (EX: file – first letter F, Tools – T, Help –H / or in Help, if e underline then you should use e instead of H)
  • Move forward options – CTRL+TAB or TAB (I checked and TAB is enough with some cases)
  • Move backward through options – CTRL+SHIFT+TAB

Shortcuts for Selected Items:
  • Delete selected items permanently without placing the item in the Recycle Bin – SHIFT +DELETE
  • Copy selected items – Press CTRL while dragging the item to desired place to copy
  • Create short cut to selected items – Press CTRL+SHIFT while dragging
  • Rename selected items – F2
  • Select all – CTRL+A
  • Search for file or folder – F3
  • View properties for the selected item – ALT+ENTER
  • Display short cut menu for selected items – SHIFT+F10

Text Processing Shortcuts:
  • Move insertion point to beginning of the next word – CTRL+ RIGHT ARROW
  • Move insertion point to beginning of the previous word – CTRL+LEFT ARROW
  • Move insertion point to beginning of the next paragraph – CTRL+DOWN ARROW
  • Move insertion point to beginning of the previous paragraph – CTRL+UP ARROW
  • Highlight a block of text – CTRL+SHIFT+ARROW KEY (Arrow key this depend on the text you want to highlight)

Other shortcuts:
  • Display start Menu – CTRL+ESC
  • Refresh Active window – F5
  • Go back – BACK SPACE BAR
  • Cancel any current task – ESC
  • Display Help – F1
Drag and drop any item with the mouse while pressing right side button of the mouse this will give a option window for the dragged item instead of just dragging we can use this for cut, copy or create shortcuts for the dragged item


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