Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dell OptiPlex 160 Desktop PC

Dell OptiPlex160 desktop computer

The Dell OptiPlex160 delivers smart choices for maximizing workspace and minimizing energy consumption.

Product Information:

The OptiPlex 160 Tiny Desktop delivers essential performance and web access without all the added complexity and cost. Designed for basic computing environments, the OptiPlex 160 features the new Intel Atom Processors Up to a 18-month lifecycle, stable images, and managed transitions Delivers Dell Client Manager enablement for remote inventory, diagnosis, and system hardware management


Small footprint, low power processors, efficient power supply, Long system life cycles, easy system manageability
General purpose business desktop for basic computing


Integrated 87% efficient power supply and optional mounting options make the OptiPlex 160 an easy choice. Dell exclusive Direct Detect troubleshooting LEDs help result in reduced maintenance and service costs. Solid state drive technology for increased reliability and data protection

The OptiPlex 160 provides basic security offerings to help protect your critical data, System and BIOS passwords to help prevent unauthorized access. Chassis loop lock slot provides physical system protection protects against unauthorized access to your critical data with optional smart card reader. Cable Security Kit enhances security over peripherals

OptiPlex Gets Green:

OptiPlex 160 delivers smart energy choices Low voltage Intel Atom Processors benefit from a new 45nm low-power micro-architecture process that makes the processor energy-efficient and provides excellent single application productivity.


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