Sunday, February 1, 2009

Free Domain Registration Service .tk

free Domain Name registration service is a free domain name registration service that allows its users to register any desired domain name with the domain suffix tk.

This is useful for bloggers and also other web owners like owned googlepages or any other service. The advantage of this is instead of using (long suffix) we can use just .tk after the name we desire.

Advantages of .TK
  • Sometime ago dot tk offer this service with ads and that got annoyed most of site visitors and at that time dot tk not much popular. But now it is completely ad free service
  • Short URLA memorable than long urls so there is much percentage of revisit your site visitors through .tk
  • Dot tk can use for specified pages not only for sites, it doesn't matter you can use this searvice with WebPages, homepage, web profiles, weblogs, blog, web galleries, image galleries and etc.
  • Support unlimited number of free domain registrations
  • Supporting Unlimited Email forwarding accounts

Setup your First domain with
  • First you need to ensure your desired name is already not taken by anyone and it is still available. Go to Dot TK and search with the name you like to have for your site
domain name search
  • If it is available you can continue your registration or if it isn’t you may need to consider about any other name you desire.
register domain name
  • At the next stage it will ask you again your web site name, email address and at the end of the registration you can log in to your account and change your settings if need or if you already have accounted with dot tk you can associate your newest domain to that account too.

Setup Email box
  • This is easier, first go to “tk mail” section in your account
  • Then choose any name you like (below pic I choose ADMIN) and fill the next box with your actual email address, all emails you'll receive to tk address will be forwarded to the account you provided.
Email account setup
Go to Dot TK


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Thanks for your information.
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