Friday, February 27, 2009

How Record Games Using Fraps and Prepare it for sharing

Have you ever tried to record games while you played? I have seen many game players upload their games to YouTube, metacafe and other sharing sites.

Recording and sharing games is something very interesting so I thought to write an article about recording games.

Fraps is software can use to record any game you played. I have record both mostwanted and farcry using this. Simple interface and fewer options make it easier to use.
  • First download Fraps from its official page
  • It has four tabs "General” "FPS” "Movies” and “Screenshots"
  • Select the tab "Movies" and change the folder for saving videos that will record by Fraps.
  • Leave other settings without changing and while Fraps open start any game.
  • In upper right hand side you can notice a number that is always changing.
  • When you want to record the game Press F9 (Video capture hotkey)
  • Again press F9 whenever you need to stop the recording and Fraps will be creating huge size of avi file. (Normally 2, 3 Giga)

Our next step is converting the video, otherwise you'll be not able to upload your video to any of sharing site, because video size is too much than sharing sites are accept.

Mp4 is the best format for upload game videos, as my experience this format has best compression ratio I encountered. Also MP4 format is applicable for any video sharing site.
  • Install and open it, click on the "Add video" button.
  • Change the profile to "Customized MP4 Movie (*.mp4)”
  • At the video option change the "video size" to 640*480
  • And click "convert"
There is another software called Camtasia Studio 6(shareware) which can use for converting game our video, it has inbuilt converter that can convert videos more clear than “All video converter” But probably price is high.


V.O.D said...

E.M. Free Game Capture is a free software and it could output to FLV format. At the same time it's easy to use. Here is the link:

TN - houkwing said...

thanks something i really unaware need to check it first

TN - houkwing said...

Checked it and m not intresting it is slow down my pc, have you use it before? anyway who haven't money on buy Fraps I can do a little favor contact me by email thanks :)

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