Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to create Password Rescue (Reset) Disk Windows XP

If you're windows XP work group user then it is possible you to create a password rescue disk. Password reset disk would be very useful whenever you forgot your password in any case.

The password reset disk contains only one file called user key.psw, which is an encrypted version of the password.
  • First you need to go to "Start menu" "control Panel" and then "User Accounts"
  • Click on your account name.
  • In the left hand side under "Related Tasks” click "Prevent a forgotten password"
  • In the appeared Wizard, follow the instructions as appears on the screen.
  • Go further you'll need to insert floppy disk into your floppy drive.
  • When Wizard starts, Click "Next"
  • Next stage it'll ask you the password for the selected login account.
(At this stage you'll be force to insert a disk to your floppy drive if you're not insert yet, otherwise it won’t be continue)
  • This will create a rescue disk for your selected logging account
  • Click finish.


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