Saturday, February 28, 2009

How to Create Portable Software, creating portable opera.exe tutorial

Portable software is something that works without installation, normally before run any software we need to install it goes through the installation wizard.

By going through this wizard there are many registry keys and temporary files can be made and those will cause to reduce computer performance. Also for installation little bit time needed.

Advantage of portable software is those can be use without installation and no junk files, registry keeps will be place. Right after download or created it can be run no need for installation process.

Creating portable opera Equipments:
  • Download and install
1) UniExtract
2) WinRaR, Splash Screen Machine, ResHack

Extracting Opera setup.exe to its sub folder:

  • Right click on the opera setup.exe newer optioned created by the uniExtract should be there.
  • Click "UniExtract to Subdir" please go through the extracting process until you gets the opera.exe. (Refer Video for more info)

Ripping the Opera icon using ResHack For Portable ExE:

  • Open Resource Hacker and "files" and select opera installer
  • Click "icon group" and save opera icon to the hard drive. (Watch video for more info)

Creating Portable opera.exe using winrar:

  • Select all files (CTRL+A) in opera folder, (in folder where we extract installer)
  • Right click on any files and select add archive (winrar option)
  • Check create SFX archive
  • Then open "Advance" "SFX Options" and in "General" tab type "opera.exe" for run after extraction.
  • In "Modes" tab check "unpack to temporary folder" check "hide all" for silent mode, for overwrite mode "Skip exciting files"
  • In text and icon tab "load SFX icon from the files" and browse, select opera icon which we extracted using Reshack.
  • Then click "ok" and again "ok"
This should be create a file called Opera.SFX.exe delete the SFX part and modify to Opera.exe and place it anywhere in your hard drive and open. Portable opera ready for use.


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