Friday, February 27, 2009

NEW Windows 7 Theme for Windows XP Download

New windows 7 theme for windows xp operating system

Yesterday I found windows 7 theme for windows XP. There are many utilities (windows blind, transform packs and etc) for converting windows XP environment for vista, windows 7 environments.

But using these utilities I faced big reduction of computer performance and in other side they have created many bugs in the Operating system.

Windows blind is a good tool but it is not a freeware we have to pay for it. Even though still I couldn't hear it has a theme with new windows 7 environment.

NEW Windows 7 theme works pretty well with my windows XP operating system. No performance reduction and it work smoothly. It place only one start up object and not affected for computer performance.

  • Not a heavy pack.
  • No reduction of computer performance.
  • Work smoothly.
  • Good conjunctions with windows XP operating system.

Download windows 7 theme here .

Installation Guide:
  • Extract Windows_7_Theme_For_XP.rar to its sub directory.
  • First install Theme.exe at the "Theme" folder
  • Then install the 3 Files in order at "Toolbar" folder (1, 2, and 3) and restart the computer


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