Friday, February 27, 2009

Set a Password for the Guest user Account

This is something not provided for Windows XP users. Normally windows facilitate to set a password for the administrator and other type of user accounts not for the Guest account. But if we are able to set a pass for the Guest account then that would be very useful.

By setting a password for the guest account we can limited the number of accesses through the guest account. That will be extra protection for the admin files and also by that unauthorized accesses will be blocked.

There are two ways we set a password for the guest account as windows not facilitate for setting password for the guest account in normal process, we are unable to setting a password by going through the User accounts. In below I have mentioned the both ways we can use to setting pass for guest account.

Using Dos prompt window:
  • Log in to the computer, using Administrator account or any other account that has administrative rights.
  • Click "Start" "Run"
  • Type "net user guest *" (without "" mark)
  • Enter the Password. (Password will not be visible)
  • Re-enter the Password.

Using Administrative Tools:
  • "Start" then "Control Panel"
  • Click "Administrative Tools"
  • Open "Computer Management" window
  • Click "Local user and Groups"
  • Select "Users"
  • Right click on the "Guest" and select "Set Password"
  • Click "Proceed"
  • Set New password and confirm the password again
  • Click "ok" to set the password and exit


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