Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why is Computer Slowing Down? 8 Reasons should be AWARE !

Protect PC from 8 ways virus malware

There would be many reasons for getting a PC slower day by day.

Especially internet users are facing this problem widely. Here I thought to make a list of things which can slow down your computer, you should be aware about these facts.

  • Have you download any new software?
Especially free software the cause of slow down your computer because of the any new software you've download and install. With most of free software you can deliver malicious programs which eat your computer memory and performance. So always you should be aware about this. a site which has reviews for much new software, before you download any free software check about the recommendations from peoples who have experience about the product.

  • Torrent files can eat your computer performance, memory
and this is mostly affected if you have torrent files are downloading to the same partition which has operating system. Change the partition for downloads, remove unsuccessful, dead torrents and delete the files which they have created in your memory. With Utorrent I'm doing this but selecting the delete .torrent+data
Don't use newly origin crack sites; here I'm not encouraging you for doing illegal things any way if you use cracks then go for popular crack sites, and teams. Others will be definitely malicious purpose and can leave you in tons of viruses malwares and etc.

  • Anti virus upgrade.
This is one of most important factor you should observe otherwise there is no point from installing virus guard software.

  • Good adware detection program
is important but this can be depending on the antivirus software you have. Many of future antivirus software has there own adware program too.

  • Hard drive is having too much load.
When not enough free space can be lead your computer to die state. It will get fossilize.

  • Comparing Hard to RAM
When comparing to RAM memory if hard driver capacity is too big and this would take too much time to read files in hard driver.

  • RAM memory is not sufficient
Newest software are need to have lots of free memory on RAM for work properly and when they not encounter enough memory whole system can get busy and not work properly.


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