Sunday, March 29, 2009

Managed Web Hosting

Managed web hosting Service

Managed Hosting is typically a step-up from traditional shared hosting, when additional customization or flexibility is required. Managed web hosts typically handle the management of the server hardware and Internet connection.

Ex: managed hosting features are custom firewall rules, managed operating system updates and web server monitoring.

Managed and unmanaged hosting is the two form of dedicated web hosting. There are some factors both these similar and different for each other. In this article I thought to percent you a brief introduction about manage web hosting.

Manage web hosting is the opposite of unmanaged hosting. As the word manage it is literally only managing the hosting environment. Hosting provider responsible and make sure that everything works perfectly also software.

You don’t need to have hosting knowledge and handle the hosting part of your site. In managed web hosting, the hosting provider responsible for everything except customer specific applications.

Advantage of managed web hosting is you don’t have to worry about hosting your site. Also there is a disadvantage too; using this type of web hosting you’ll have to adjust to the software provided by hosting provider.

Managed web hosting is more suit for businesses also if you looking for a hosting which is easy to handle then probably you’ll need to buy managed hosting service.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Open Microsoft Word 2007 document with earlier version of Word DOCX to DOC

As Microsoft office 2007 has lots of improvements and new features most of you probably using it and might you have noticed with the newer version your files save under different suffix “docx”.

Microsoft office professional file converterIn older versions it saves under suffix doc, which is compatible with newer versions to open and edit. Although MS Office 2007 and higher versions files not compatible to open or edit with office older versions.

So a document created by one person using MS office 2007 cannot view or edit by another person unless he has the newest version. This might be a serious trouble.

I found three methods which we can use for slow this problem. You can use these as which party you act.

If you're the docx file creator then it is best for use 2st method and if you the final reader which has older versions of MS OFFICE then use the 2nd way which I discussed below.

Using Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack:

Microsoft Office compatible pack makes your older version of Ms Office compatible for open, edit, and save documents, workbooks, and presentations in new formats. (Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007)

Download Compatible pack

Convert Online:

docx to doc converter free has Office file converter and it emails you the converted files, but probably it takes some time for email your files. You have to create an account there before go with the converting process.

Use Save As:
Save Office files

Instead of both above methods still you have the chance of saving your files with formats which compatible with older versions. When you save files simply select save as and select word 97-2003 document and save.

Use USB Pen or Free Memory on Hard drive for Speed Up Computer without Additional RAM Memory

eboostr performance
If you looking for increase the computer performance probably you’ll need to buy an additional RAM. Anyway still you want to make quite faster your computer without buying any additional resources and using only exiting materials then this is something similar for your needs.

eboostr is a software which facilitate to use extra memory space on the hard drive or your pen drive to improve computer respond time and performances.

Eboostr is quite similar to vista ReadyBoost and SuperFetch technology which use flash memory to speed up computer overall performance.


eBoostr gathers statistics about applications you use and how often and optimizing their performance by pre-caching their files and data on different cache devices and allowing faster access speed and reduced delays.

  • Launch Applications Faster - Loading time improves
  • Boot and Work Faster - Windows load faster by significantly reducing the time computer needs to boot.
  • No Hardware Upgrades - No need to spend money on additional hardware
  • Utilize Available RAM Better - like SuperFetch solution it makes use of wasted free RAM to store frequently accessed files and data.
  • Improves overall responsiveness
  • Makes your system run smoother.

How to use eBooster:

First you have to download the eboostr. Trial version will never expire, although it works only four hours after every start of your pc. If you need continuously use it then you have to restart your computer again and again and it'll allow 4 hour for using it after every restart.
  • Install eboostr and open, eboostr Control Panel
  • Click Add button.
Add cache device
  • Select the memory device which has good enough memory it can be your pen drive or hard drive
Select Memory device for cache
  • Change the cache size. Normally it is enough to set your cache size for 4GB more than 16GB no sense
set cache size

Click ok at this time it will ask you for building cache in selected device and allocated memory space, click ok

After it builds the cache, you're ready for using it. Finally don't forget to measure your speed by eBoostr SpeedMeasure Tool.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Reduce RAM Memory Usage of Firefox

Reducing Ram Memory Usage Firefox
As the most popular web browser today there are many articles have covered about Mozilla Firefox. But there is another aspect I couldn't cover in here, but most of people struggling and cause to leave the Firefox using. High memory usage is one of defect in Firefox.

But actually this is not coming with the Firefox as we open it for first time I couldn’t notice this thing happen. But after some time later it’s going to eat more and more memory and also Firefox start up time increasing.

This can happen by many of our improper usage of Firefox. In here I mentioned few causes which you should consider about your Firefox browser.

Firefox extensions and themes:

Most common cause is Firefox extensions and themes, if you have installed lots of extensions and themes probably your browser very slow and show high memory usage. Overall performance of your computer can be reducing.

Check your Add-ons, Themes and remove all unnecessary extensions and themes.

Compare your extensions with Problematic extensions published by mozillazine and follow the recommendations there if any extension found.

Update all your extensions to newest versions, newest versions have lots of improvements and bug fixes for smooth usage.

Still your browser remaining the same status it’s proper to go through this tutorial and follow every this which I discussed here.

Check your extensions for high memory usage:

Let’s check the remaining extensions for memory usage. Even any of your extension not in the Problematic extensions it isn't guarantees that all your extensions are perfect.

Open task manager and in “processes” tab check the memory usage of Firefox and write it down somewhere.

Exit from Firefox, Go to start and run type "Firefox -safe-mode" without double quotation marks

Check Disable all add-ons in opened window and click “continue with safe mood”

Again in task manager check memory usage of Firefox and compare with previous result. If there is high flow of memory usage there is an extension still want be removing.

Again open Firefox in normal mood, go to "tools" "add-ons" and disable extensions one by one and compare the memory usage after disabling each and restarting the browser. If you find huge memory reduction after disabling any particular extension that one should be removed if it's not providing a precious service.

Firefox Plug-ins:

Firefox plug-ins also acts as a devil in sometime, so it is better to read plug-ins section of mozillazine which has all the information and trouble shootings for latest plug-ins.

It is recommended you to pay your attention about Quicktime, Java, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Flash as they use normally

Clear your Cookies and Download History:

Remaining cookies, history and download history is also impact to speed of Firefox. Removing them every day after done all of work is can be cause for better performance.

Go to "tools" "Options" "privacy" and check "Always clear my private data when I close firefox" under private data and in "settings" (right to check box) select all available options and click ok.
This will prompt you to delete your junk data every time you close your firefox browser.

about:config Settings:

Type "about:config" bar and check "browser.cache.memory.enable" is true or not if it is false double click on it and change the attribute to true.

Right click on anywhere of the window and go to New > "Boolean" and enter "config.trim_on_minimize" set attribute to true. This will automatically reduce the memory usage when your browser is minimized.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Disable USB storage access Restrict Users and Unauthorized Data Transfers

Disable USB Storage Access for other Computer Users

Nowadays 90% viruses and other malicious programs are distributing through Pen drivers and other equipments which are use USB ports.

So this article would be useful those who have headache about restricting their USB ports using by other parties without knowing.

So in here I discussed small registry edit which can use for disable USB storage access for a certain group of users. USB port access disabling and re-enabling both can do by simply changing the value of a registry key.

Disable access to USB port in windows XP and 2000
  • Open run (Go to start and Run)
  • In the box type “regedit” to open registry editor.
  • Locate the following path.
  • In the right side window double click Start.
  • In the Value data box type 4 click Hexadecimal (if not already selected) and click OK.
  • Exit Registry Editor.

Re-enable the disabled port
  • Open Regedit
  • Locate the following registry path:
  • In the right pane, double-click Start.
  • In the Value data box, type 3 and make sure to check Hexadecimal and then click OK.
  • Quit Registry Editor and restart the computer.
Only disabling the USB port access we cannot assure that the computer will not affect by viruses. This approach is for block unauthorized USB accesses to your computer. For a complete solution you'll need to refer our previous articles about dealing with viruses.

Free Online Virus Scanner Tools for Complete and Particular File Scanning

Free Computer Virus Scanners online

Once your computer affected by a virus and after removing it using any scanner still those virus file portions can be hide in your system or even it is removed completely there will be a doubt about privacy leaking or not. Thus it'll be not enough until certify that we are safe completely and no one can thief our important files, information and etc.

Why Online Scanners Needed?
  • To make sure installed antivirus is offering proper protection.
  • Find hidden threats on PC (rootkits, banker Trojans and malware designed to steal identity)

For the purpose of this there are many free scanners which can do complete system scans or particular file scanning and reveal any hidden virus in the system. These are very useful tools which we can use to certify that the computer is clean and any spoiler cannot gain into the system.

What these tools do is scan only, even though you detected any virus in your system they are not facilitates to removing. So you'll have to install any antivirus which is detected the virus to eliminating process.

Advantage of Online Virus Scanners:

These tools do not ask install for the scan.

Don't need to depend on one antivirus result as there are many numbers of online tools by different providers.


Most of tools ask for Java Run time environment to be installed in your system.

Process may be slow than comparing to install one.

Sometimes these servers are overload due to heavy usage so you'll have to wait sometime. But you able to go for any other online tool if one tool is overloaded.

There is no ability to remove viruses which are detected while in scanned process.

Full Computer System Scanners:
  1. Kaspersky Online Virus Scanner
  2. BitDefender Online Scanner - IE 4.0 or later required
  3. Trend Micro's FREE online virus scanner
  4. Macafee Online Scanner - Microsoft IE 5.0 or later required.
  5. Windows Live OneCare safety scanner - IE6.0 or MSN 9.0 or higher required
  6. ESET's Online Antivirus Scanner - IE required
  7. F-Secure Online Scanner - IE 5 or later with ActiveX enabled
  8. Panda ActiveScan 2.0
  9. Ewido Scanner - IE with ActiveX enabled

Individual File Scanners:

File scanners only scans individual files on demand, so the process would be fast and another advantage is we can scan files through many number of scanners in same time. (Viruschief,Jotti scanners)
  1. Kaspersky File Scanner
  2. VirusChief Scanner
  3. Jotti's malware scan 2.99

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

5 Different Ways for ShutDown (Turn Off) Windows Computer

There are few ways of shutting down a computer than go through the old method, start menu and turn off.

There is another four methods I have shown here which we can use for shutting down a computer.
Computer Shutdown Options
Click on the start button and "click Turn off computer" - (Standard method )

Minimize all windows by pressing "WinKey+m" and again Press "Alt+F4" shutdown window will appear

Using a shutdown shortcut that created by your own. Right click on the desktop and "New Shortcut" type "shutdown -s -t 00" without double quotation marks, in the area where you asked for the location of the program or file for shortcut. Place it on the desktop or quick lunch bar and name it as a shutdown would be better ;)

Open run (start -> run or press Win key+R) Type shutdown -s -t 00 {s means shutdown and t means the duration set 00 to any number for specify the shutdown delay time, same thing can apply for above shortcut method}

Using windows Task manager - Open WTM by right clicking on Windows Task bar or simply pressing Alt+Ctrl+Del and choose Shut down from the menu and click shutdown.

Any other method you know? Feel free to comment here.