Tuesday, March 17, 2009

5 Different Ways for ShutDown (Turn Off) Windows Computer

There are few ways of shutting down a computer than go through the old method, start menu and turn off.

There is another four methods I have shown here which we can use for shutting down a computer.
Computer Shutdown Options
Click on the start button and "click Turn off computer" - (Standard method )

Minimize all windows by pressing "WinKey+m" and again Press "Alt+F4" shutdown window will appear

Using a shutdown shortcut that created by your own. Right click on the desktop and "New Shortcut" type "shutdown -s -t 00" without double quotation marks, in the area where you asked for the location of the program or file for shortcut. Place it on the desktop or quick lunch bar and name it as a shutdown would be better ;)

Open run (start -> run or press Win key+R) Type shutdown -s -t 00 {s means shutdown and t means the duration set 00 to any number for specify the shutdown delay time, same thing can apply for above shortcut method}

Using windows Task manager - Open WTM by right clicking on Windows Task bar or simply pressing Alt+Ctrl+Del and choose Shut down from the menu and click shutdown.

Any other method you know? Feel free to comment here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, especially the one on creating a shortcut!

TN - houkwing said...

You welcome friend :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks :D it was fun to know :p
I posted it here http://tutsby.me/tutorial/242/5-different-ways-for-shutdown-turn-off-windows/

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