Friday, March 6, 2009

Before Partition Hard Drives in Windows Xp and other OS

windows xp hard drive partition guide

Dividing hard drive for several parts called partition the hard drive. It is something complicated and lengthy process if you haven't well plan and using normal windows boot CD for partition process in dos surface. But that don't mention you can't do partition with Windows CD.

First of all you need to consider about usage of your hard drive partitions. If you doing partition for managing your files, then it would be useful if you write down how you need to allocate memory space for each partition.

Advantages of Partition hard drive:
  • You can use each partition for different work or can each partition be allocated for different type, category data files. This would be save your time and lots of efforts.
  • If you're computer have 2, 3 users then each user can allocate a space for their own usage, probably this is very good but indeed if more than 5 or 6 users this would be hard to implement. More partitions can reduce computer loading time and speed of accessing to the memory.
  • Dividing your hard drive and Allocating a partition for Operating system and programs will be increase your computer performance and helps to run at a smoother pace.
Partitioning new blank hard drive is pretty easy, if the hard drive is brand new or used one it is important to plan how you're hard drive divide and the amount of space for allocation each partition.

Partitioning hard drive can be done with windows CD but most of people not prefer to work with DOS surface. There are few other 3rd party tools like Partition Manager, Partition Magic and Partition Commander those are most reliable and easy to use software for partition process.

Things you should consider before partition:
  • If you have a used hard drive and you need to partition it, first check, optimize and back up the hard drive portion. This is something very important for protecting your files in any case that can happen while partition process. To do this in windows XP right click on any hard drive you need to partition select properties and open tab "Tools" under Error Checking click "check now". Please make sure to check both options there.
  • Other Windows versions go to Start >> Programs >> Accessories and in System Tools >> open Scandisk. Make sure to check the option "Automatically fix errors" and start.
  • Next process is defragmentation each drive. For windows XP in System Tools simply select Disk Defragmenter and defragment each exciting drive partition.
  • Next Backup your important files and folders for use as a recover in any case that can occur while partition process.
  • Plan your partitions size and how will they use after partition. Assume each partition space with the data you going to store. Allocating most appropriate memory amount is will be useful for prevent memory wastage.
Download any software you prefer for partition process. As my experience like to use partition magic my most preferable utility for editing hard drive partitions. Most of these editing software are shareware so probably you needs to spend some money for buying.


allen said...

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