Friday, March 20, 2009

Free Online Virus Scanner Tools for Complete and Particular File Scanning

Free Computer Virus Scanners online

Once your computer affected by a virus and after removing it using any scanner still those virus file portions can be hide in your system or even it is removed completely there will be a doubt about privacy leaking or not. Thus it'll be not enough until certify that we are safe completely and no one can thief our important files, information and etc.

Why Online Scanners Needed?
  • To make sure installed antivirus is offering proper protection.
  • Find hidden threats on PC (rootkits, banker Trojans and malware designed to steal identity)

For the purpose of this there are many free scanners which can do complete system scans or particular file scanning and reveal any hidden virus in the system. These are very useful tools which we can use to certify that the computer is clean and any spoiler cannot gain into the system.

What these tools do is scan only, even though you detected any virus in your system they are not facilitates to removing. So you'll have to install any antivirus which is detected the virus to eliminating process.

Advantage of Online Virus Scanners:

These tools do not ask install for the scan.

Don't need to depend on one antivirus result as there are many numbers of online tools by different providers.


Most of tools ask for Java Run time environment to be installed in your system.

Process may be slow than comparing to install one.

Sometimes these servers are overload due to heavy usage so you'll have to wait sometime. But you able to go for any other online tool if one tool is overloaded.

There is no ability to remove viruses which are detected while in scanned process.

Full Computer System Scanners:
  1. Kaspersky Online Virus Scanner
  2. BitDefender Online Scanner - IE 4.0 or later required
  3. Trend Micro's FREE online virus scanner
  4. Macafee Online Scanner - Microsoft IE 5.0 or later required.
  5. Windows Live OneCare safety scanner - IE6.0 or MSN 9.0 or higher required
  6. ESET's Online Antivirus Scanner - IE required
  7. F-Secure Online Scanner - IE 5 or later with ActiveX enabled
  8. Panda ActiveScan 2.0
  9. Ewido Scanner - IE with ActiveX enabled

Individual File Scanners:

File scanners only scans individual files on demand, so the process would be fast and another advantage is we can scan files through many number of scanners in same time. (Viruschief,Jotti scanners)
  1. Kaspersky File Scanner
  2. VirusChief Scanner
  3. Jotti's malware scan 2.99


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