Saturday, March 7, 2009

How One guy earns 400 dollars by just a page in his blog!!

This is something very interesting first times I didn't believe it but this guy shows every proof about his earnings in the video. This is something every blogger should watch and he reveals more than he represent in the video. Every step he discussed is important and needs to watch carefully and gets the idea how we can be productive person like him.

Every day most of the forums filled by the most of newbie’s questions like are referral systems really working? Can I get a decent income for a month through internet? Can I earn by selling others product and are these systems reliable and etc.

Answer is here. I think it is more enough for the all forum fillers about asking that kind of questions.

By the way it’s not the reason that exciting me to create this kind of article, actually what I really need to show you is how he gets the traffic to his source. He provides impressive idea about his audience that makes huge profits for him. Next thing is his traffic source, most of traffic he gets form through search engines. And the idea how he gets the first in search engine is useful.

As in this video what I learn is we should target search engine traffic before make any post and should provided more descriptive title and the content that can gets first in the search engines.


Anonymous said...

Good demo, but I dont think it will work for everyone.

TN - houkwing said...

But I love the way he gets traffic nothing he done rather than placing list of video sites :)

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