Sunday, March 1, 2009

How to create a Torrent and Publicize Easily

Create your first torrent and don't seed!!!

Hey my inception probably curious isn't it? Normally if a torrent hasn’t any seed then it’s call as a dead torrent. No one can download it, there is no point of creating such a torrent right??

But still I'm saying don't need to seed nor it's not necessary for seeding your torrents by someone else too.

Regular How to create a torrent tutorials based on the same thing, probably all are saying open utorrent, go to new torrent and blah blah but at the end you'll needs to keep on your computer for seed the torrent otherwise it'll be dead, or if you've created any interesting torrent then it can be seed by any other but what happen if it isn't interesting for others? Again it'll be dead.

I don’t need to see my torrents dead, probably you too. K this is something interesting recently I got to know. There is a service called vipeers for seeding anyone’s torrent free.

What they do is real interesting, here is the complete guidance for begin with you next torrent.

Creating and Uploading Torrent:

Go to and create a account. You’ll need to active your account through email, so provide valid email address.

Sign in and in upper right there are four buttons

* My files
* Upload
* Account (your username)
* Help
* Sign out

Click upload: there are two ways of uploading files to this VIPeers service, through your browser interface (java required) or using software called Podmailing.

If you interesting to uploading through podmailing the download it first and install

Open it and click new button, you'll ask for your user name, email address and password for vipeers service. If you enter those login details as exactly you have entered when you registering VIPeers then you'll get a new window "New Podmail"

Locate the "option" area and change the share to "On the web"

Next select the file you need to share (compressed files are good as they have to upload only once)

Enter your description, change keep files up to 3 months and upload.

Next In your podmailing windows select your files and you can see four buttons located at the right side bottom. "Share on the web" button will functioning right after the upload is complete

When upload is done click that button and it will lead you to where you can publicize your uploaded torrent

Publicize torrent:

My first option is "Upload this torrent to Mininova" you'll need to create another account with mininova for this.

Second is Bittorrent link: submit it to all popular torrent sites

Next is probably "ShareThis"

And forth one is all other options there

There is a fifth one also, goes to Mozilla add-ons and search add-on calls clip marks, use it to distribute your torrents too. If you unaware about clip marks then I’ll write a small tut for it later.


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