Sunday, March 22, 2009

Open Microsoft Word 2007 document with earlier version of Word DOCX to DOC

As Microsoft office 2007 has lots of improvements and new features most of you probably using it and might you have noticed with the newer version your files save under different suffix “docx”.

Microsoft office professional file converterIn older versions it saves under suffix doc, which is compatible with newer versions to open and edit. Although MS Office 2007 and higher versions files not compatible to open or edit with office older versions.

So a document created by one person using MS office 2007 cannot view or edit by another person unless he has the newest version. This might be a serious trouble.

I found three methods which we can use for slow this problem. You can use these as which party you act.

If you're the docx file creator then it is best for use 2st method and if you the final reader which has older versions of MS OFFICE then use the 2nd way which I discussed below.

Using Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack:

Microsoft Office compatible pack makes your older version of Ms Office compatible for open, edit, and save documents, workbooks, and presentations in new formats. (Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007)

Download Compatible pack

Convert Online:

docx to doc converter free has Office file converter and it emails you the converted files, but probably it takes some time for email your files. You have to create an account there before go with the converting process.

Use Save As:
Save Office files

Instead of both above methods still you have the chance of saving your files with formats which compatible with older versions. When you save files simply select save as and select word 97-2003 document and save.


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