Sunday, March 1, 2009

Open Windows Explorer from any specified folder and keep it untouched by others

Open Windows Explorer from any specified folder

Opening windows explorer to any specified folder, directly would be time save and reduce more and more deep navigations.

In my computer I have a folder in very deep root that I need to refer every time. Also I need keep it untouched by someone else. So I don't need to move it upper root then every time I had to navigate to that specified folder.

Most of people open windows explorer by clicking any folder, though you can open windows explorer by pressing Winkey+E simultaneously or simply navigating to the start > all programs > Accessories and Windows explorer.

What I did is real easy. I set the windows explorer to open directly form that folder and I set a Short key for that. Also there is no chance to open my folder by other without knowing my short key assigned to open windows explorer.
  • Go to start > All programs > Accessories and windows explorer
  • Right click on the windows explorer shortcut and select properties
  • In the second tab "Short Cut" change the target to the folder that you want to access immediately. (Ex: let's say there is folder called mydir in c: and you needs to access it immediately then target should be C:\mydir )
  • Next set any short key for the open your directory right after pressed, (Ex: Ctrl+Shift+3 like this press those keys simultaneously )
  • Change Run to Maximized this will open your window throughout your screen.
  • Next in General tab checks the box Hidden (hide it form others) and press Ok for exit.

Now press shortkey that you set and windows will immediately open your folder.


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