Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Recognizing Phishing Scams and Protect from rapidshare phishings

how to protect form being hacked by phishing

Phishing is increasing day by day. Therefore I thought phishing article would be a great help at the moment. Rapidshare is one of the phisher’s target and increasing rapidly. But you should note phishing is not limited to rapidshare, even though rapidshare users widely attacked by phishers every day.

What is Rapidshare Phishing?

Phishing can be recognizing as cheating genuine users. It is doing through web sites designed to look exactly like original one. These web sites made to steal Login details (username and password).

When user enters their login details all are collected by automatically for purpose of malicious use. Also phishing is not only for stealing user names and passwords, any details you’re entered will be collected and store this can leak you credit card details and etc…

In case of rapidshare if victim is a free user then these sites manages to the redirect the user to the real site and that will make sure to hidden those sites for long time on the net without being caught.

But if the user is premium then these sites store details before passing the user for download. Normally these collected details sell for very cheap price by phishers or use their own usage.

How Identify Phishing sites?

Identifying phishing sites is easy but it is important to awareness of the user. Phishing sites normally look exactly like the original one even though the URL is the factor that phishers can’t gain. However they manage to keep their fake sites URLs look closer to original one.

real rapidshare link

Observations of identifying phishing links Rapidshaer:
  • Fake web sites can be mentions SSL-encrypted for Login but in address bar URL can have only HTTP not HTTPS
  • If you already logged into your account but still password ask for download then probably you’re in phishing site.
  • In Firefox if you have any doubt about the site you entered the right click on the page and select open this frame only and thus you can easily reveal the page hidden in a frame. ( If the site is not within a frame this option will not work)

How to being Protect from Rapidshare Phishing:
  • Once you know that you’re fall into phisher’s attack change your login details immediately.
  • Activate your RapidShare-Security Lock of your rapidshare premium account. This is something rapdishare introduce to their users to prevent form changing their login details by phishers. So make sure to active this once you buy a rapidshare account.
  • If you use download managers then use direct download facility that will protect you from entering you’re login details in phishing sites.
  • Rapishare never emails asking for verify the account information so if you receive any email like this don’t use any urls there for go to rapishare site and login.
  • Upgrade your antivirus, firewall, and Browser normally with these updates phishing sites will be blocked by accessing. So make sure to keep up with new security releases.


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