Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Uninstaller Software Revo Freeware Download

free uninstaller software

Uninstaller software is software that has ability of removing an installed program from the computer. Windows has its own inbuilt uninstaller, not only windows any other operating system also has its own inbuilt uninstaller software.

There is lots of 3rd party software for uninstaller process (ex: YourUninstaller, Advanced Uninstaller). Most of them are shareware. Revo is a freeware that has enormous power of uninstalling any software completely and that consist with few other useful tools.

Why we needs 3rd party uninstaller like Revo:

Typical uninstallers are design to remove components of any software only. When installing software it can place files in various different places also they makes large number of registry keys probably will cause to slow down the computer.

Inbuilt uninstallers are not sophisticated to remove those files that are place in various locations and also registry keys when the uninstaller process. Because of this even after uninstall a software there can be lots of remaining unwanted files and registry keys those will cause to reduce system performance.

Why Revo: Download here
  • Revo is a freeware, no needs to spend money for buying.
  • Faster removing any software
  • 100% junk files and registry keys removing.
  • Two different methods of removing softwares, hunter and direct method
  • Revo consist with another 8 different tools (Browser cleaner, MS Office cleaner, Windows cleaner, Evidence Remover, Unrecoverable delete, junk cleaner and etc...)
  • Spyware, adware free (revo is one of my favorite freeware utility)
  • Revo gives four different mode of uninstalling, by default it is set to Moderate, but using Advance mode will ensure to uninstall any software 100% by removing files and registry keys.


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