Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two neat Gmail hacks for using same email multiply times instead of creating new accounts

This is something cool feature which facilitate to use your same email account for registering multiply times in forums and other places where ask email address for verifications and futureGmail hackings references.

Exactly I don’t know whether this will work with other email service providers like yahoo, live and etc. I tried both these method with my Gmail account and work perfectly.

Gmail system ignores the dots (.) and plus (+) signs and what we doing is using both these as an advantage of using the same mail account in multiply times with creating as much as possible accounts at any site.

This will be good news for spammers anyway if you have a headache about creating mail accounts then this will be useful.

Using + mark in email address:

Let’s say your email account is MYNAME@GMAIL.COM then you can use MYNAME+MY@GMAIL.COM or any other prefix starting with + mark right after your mail address.


As Google ignores the +mark and all the letters after it, there is a chance for receiving mails for your accounts.

Using … (dots) in mail address:

Google ignores dots within the mail address. Instead of MYNAME@GMAIL.COM you can use


or any other combination with dots and mails receive to these addresses will be credit to your actual account.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Skype Call Recorder, Record Skype Calls for Free

This will be good news for Skype fans all around the world. Skype recorder is a Record Skype Callsfreeware which has ability of recording all your conversations and conferences for future reference.

Making call could cost nothing to you, but the information and conversation itself could be invaluable for you, your business and your reputation. Recording calls is simple step to be on a safe side.

Download here: (1.4 MB)

Functionality and Advantages:

  • Skype recorder saves Skype conversations in compact and widely used format (mp3 files)
  • It has ability of recording P2P Skype calls, SkypeOut calls, as well as calls to Skype Online numbers .
  • Automatically start and recording
  • Simple interface (Easy to use)

Skype recorder seats in the icon in system try and monitoring Skype calls and starts the recording automatically when you start a conversation.

As well as it has ability for recording several simultaneous calls (Eg: one active while others on hold) in separate files for easy and convenient access.

Very simple interface requires virtually no tuning or setup. Just install it, allow access to the Skype client and that's it.

System requirements:
  1. OS : Windows 2000, XP, Vista
  2. .Net Framework 2.0 or later (will be installed automatically from
  3. Skype Software

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to make any Desired Size of larger files and Compress into Smaller Amount of Space

Sometimes you were encounter this type of files but probably you unaware about those.Super compress File
Most of the people doing this for collect rapidshare points.

Easily anyone can create bigger flies of desired amount and upload.

First we have to do some calculations,

  • Open your calculator (Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Calculator)
  • Changed the mode to Scientific (View >> Scientific)
  • Lets say you want to create a 100MB file, multiply the 100 by 1024*1024 (Ex. 100*1024*1024 )
  • (You’ll get the answer as "104857600")
  • If the size is 200MB then multiplication will be 200*1024*1024
  • Now convert the answer to Hex for that click the radio button at the left side and answer will be "6400000"
  • Now we want to make it as eight digit number, for that add zeros to the left edge until answer become 8 digit. If the answer is already 8 digits skip this step and go to next step. (Ex. "06400000" – 8 digit number)
From this point we are moving on creating the file using DOS prompt.
  • Now start the command prompt. (Start>> run and type cmd)Steps Creating Larger File
  • Change the directory to where you want to create your file or just press C: for change the path to C partition.
  • Type "debug MYFILE.DAT"(without “”) and press enter. You’ll get a message "File not found"
  • Type "rcx"(without “”) and Enter.
  • Again type the last four digits of the value we got (Hexadecimal format) Ex. 0000
  • Now type "rbx"(without “”) and press Enter.
  • Again type the first four digits of the Hexadecimal value and press enter. Ex. 0640
  • Type “w” (without “”) for write the file to hard drive.
  • Again press type “q” to exit...
Now check the location where you set to create the file, you’ll see there is a file called MYFILE.DAT created. Now compress that file using any compression utility you’ll be amazed.

Make Dead Torrent Alive!! Way of Finding Trackers for Torrents

[updated: 01/06/2009]
Sometimes you may have bad experience with downloading torrents like torrents wereFind Torrents Trackers dead after complete half of it, has slow the download speed, primary tracker was dead and etc.

These are the main reasons why many people refuse the downloading public torrents and go for private trackers.

Normally private trackers have good speed with many seeds but these are offer limited registrations or charge for the membership. So everybody can’t gain the advantage of these trackers.

Anyway I’ll show you how to make dead torrents are alive by adding more and more trackers which can improves download speed by improving number of seeds.

Some people tend to create a list of trackers and add them in to each torrent they downloading. But this won’t be perfect and smarter every time. There can be lots of useless trackers for the specified torrent and there can be lots of missed active torrent which tracks the particular torrent file.

The method I’m going to discuses here will be similar to this though I’ll show you how to find more trackers in a smarter way for getting more achievements.

  • Need more trackers for your torrent?
  • Want find tracker for any torrent because primary tracker blocked by your ISP?
  • In any occasions like primary tracker was down.
  • Or need more seeds and speed up the downloading

Here is the way you can do it in smarter and perfect,

1. Go to
- New version is here.

2. Click the browse button and upload the torrent file (you have to download the torrent file to your computer before proceed with this step. Ex. Anyname.torrent)

3. You can see list of available new trackers which can use for download your torrent files, click ReAnnounce button.

4. Download the reannounced torrent file (which has new additional torrent trackers)

5. Also you can copy and add those new torrents to your exiting torrent file, for that open your torrent client and properties and add new trackers after exiting ones.

Ex. In Utorrent Right click on the torrent file>> properties and in general tab add those new torrents which you copies after exiting ones.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Fast Internet Browsing Auto Pager For Firefox

The main disadvantage of browsing internet is we have to be waiting and go to theBrowse Internet Fast pages one by one after we read a page. Loading page one after another take serious times if the internet connection is very slow.

Normally Dialup users always screaming that the sites are too heavy or something like that.

Even we trying to speed up the internet connection we cannot gain the speed beyond the internet service provider (ISP) offer. So I found legitimate way that can work well in practically.

Firefox Auto Pager is an extension for FF which automatically loads the next page of a site inline when you reach the end of the current page for infinite scrolling of content. Auto Pager works with many popular sites, platforms and etc.

Ex. Blogger blogs, wordpress blogs, Social bookmarking sites like digg, ebay, amazon, yahoo, you tube, flickr,, live, msn, myspace, wikipedia, taobao,Twitter ,Google and much more.

  • Advantages:
  1. Fast internet browsing.
  2. Reduce the time consuming.
  3. Less effort for browse pages one by one. (Pages will load in one page)
  4. More customizations, so far I didn’t face any difficulties.

  • Disadvantage:
  1. Only works in Firefox (Firefox add on)
When you entering to any site if the site is compatible with auto pager then it will pop up a message and ask you for loading pages after you scrolling to the end of current page. Go for advance options after you understand the task really what auto pages does.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fix Missing DLL File Errors Repair DLL Errors for Free

Sometimes you encounter problems like missing DLL files. That would be a cause to confusing Fix DLL Errorsyou when your computer giving such a message “couldn’t find …… .DLL … “when executing software.

Windows DLL files cause numerous errors when missing or damaged.

  • DLL File:
DLL is short of Dynamic Link Library, a library of executable functions or data that can be used by Windows applications. DLL provides one or more particular functions. Program accesses the functions by creating either a static or dynamic link to the DLL. A static link remains constant during program execution while a dynamic link is created by the program as needed. DLLs can also contain just data. DLL files end with the extension ".dll".

  • How a DLL file is used?
A DLL file can be used by several applications at the same time. Some DLLs are provided with Windows System and available for any Windows based application. Other DLLs are written for a particular application and load when the application is running.

You can download almost any missed DLL files from sites listed below freely.

Enable Task Manager Disabled by Viruses

If you have any experience about viruses, then probably you may notice most of the virusesTask Manager Enable are affect to the task manager and disable it completely right after affect to the computer.

This is because if we know that there is a virus active in our background there’ll be a chance to stop it using task manager. Disable task manager doing by viruses editing the computer registry.

Here how you can fix and get back the Task manager again.

  • Method 01:
Click Start >> Run >> and type the code below and press Enter.

REG add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Pol icies\System /v DisableTaskMgr /t REG

  • Method 02:
Click Start>> Run>> and type Regedit.exe (open registry editor)
Navigate to the

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies\ System

and In the right-pane, delete the value named DisableTaskMgr
Close Registry editor. You may want to restart you computer for changes take effect.

  • Method 03:
Click Start >> Run >> type gpedit.msc (Open Group policy editor)
Navigate to:

User Configuration / Administrative Templates / System / Ctrl+Alt+Delete Options / Remove Task Manager

Double click the Remove Task Manager option.

Set the policy to Not Configured and click ok.

Speed up Internet Connection by Reducing Microsoft Reserve QoS Packet Scheduler Bandwidth

By default windows set to use 20% of your bandwidth. This could be disadvantage. So if there is speed up internet connectiona way for avoid this that will be useful.

Microsoft reserve 20% of your available bandwidth for their own purposes (suspect for updates, interrogating your machine and etc...)

Here is the way get it back:

1. Go to start >> Run >> and type “gpedit.msc” (without “”)
This will open the policy editor.

2. Navigate to “Local Computer Policy” >> “Computer Configuration” >> “Administrative Templates” >> “Network” >> “QOS Packet Scheduler” >> “Limit Reservable Bandwidth”

3. Right click on Limit Reservable Bandwidth and select properties. In settings tab check “Enable” and set the Bandwidth limit to 0 and click apply.

"By default, the Packet Scheduler limits the system to 20 percent of the bandwidth of a connection, but you can use this setting to override the default and set it to zero."

Here is another way you can implement the same thing, in my computer I tried both these methods and both are work pretty well.

1. Go to Control Panel >> Network Connections

2. Right-click on your Dial-up or ADSL connection -> Properties and under the “Networking” tab

3. Uninstall QoS Packet Scheduler

Saturday, April 11, 2009

How to Create Text To Speech Application in 2min !!

This is very cool and simple VBS application which you can prompt windows SAMake Windows TalkM to read any text you’re entering to the application.

Windows will speak everything which you have entered to the application hence we are creating.

1. First copy the below code in to a notepad

Dim msg, sapi
msg=InputBox("Enter any text and Press Ok","+++ My Talking Application +++")
Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
sapi.Speak msg

2. And Save it as whatever+the+name+you+like.VBS (Ex. Speak.Vbs)

3. Open it via Dos prompt or simply you can right click on it and Select “Open with command prompt”

There will be a small window appear, type any text and press ok. You can hear the sound of Microsoft SAM.

I couldn’t check this in windows Vista but one of my friends told me it works perfect in vista too. If you encounter any error while trying this in vista environment feel free to comment.

Hide Hard Drive Partitions in Windows XP

Hiding Hard Drive partitions in your computer would be useful when you want to hide huge staff something like movies. Even though if we use folder locker or any other method there are Hard drive Partition Hidemany chance to getting know by someone about that.

Anyone can easily find out that we hide something in our hard drive using folder locker.

Also if sometimes you need to hide big stuff which nearly fills your one of hard drive partition, so the best way is hiding the whole partition and gets back it whenever you need. After hide windows not be able to read it until you unhide the partition. But data will be remaining the same.

Hide Hard drive Partition:

1. Go to start >> Run >> and type DISKPART

2. A DOS prompt will be appear, with the “DISKPART>”

3. Now type “list volume” (without “”)

4. Now there will be a list appear like below.
hard drive partition list

5. Now let’s say you need to hide stuff in drive 4, type "select volume 4" (without “”)

6. Now there will be a message appear “Volume 4 is the selected volume”

7. Then type “remove letter F"
(Remove letter drive4letter)

8. Again a message will appear “DiskPart removed the drive letter, but your computer needs to be rebooted before”

Restart the computer and the driver F will be disappearing.

Get Back the Hidden volume:

Repeat the process and after selecting the volume 4, type "assign letter F" instead of “remove letter F” and your drive will be visible again.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Change Background Image & Text Color of Folders Windows XP

In windows XP there is no such an option for changing background and text color of the folders. Change folder background text colorHowever we can change the folder background and text color by editing Desktop.ini file (folder configuration setting file).

As well as you can use freeware utility called Windowpaper XP for changing the folder attributes (background, text color) and both these methods briefly discussed here.

You can use any desired way you like and result will be same.

Using Desktop.ini file:

Creating Desktop.ini:

1. Go to any folder you like to customize.

2. Right click and select “customize this folder”

3. Select change icon and select any desired icon and click ok. This will create the file Dekstop.ini, but still it won’t visible to you.

Make it visible:

In folder select Tools >> Folder Options >> select View tab >> check “show hidden files and folders” and uncheck “Hide Protected Operating System files”

Now in your folder file called Dekstop.ini should be visible.

Customizing Desktop.ini:

Open it using notepad or WordPad (any desired text editor)

Add below code.


Click save.

Customizing Image and color:


imagepath should be the correct path of the image you need to set as your folder backgrould. It can be in your any hard drive partition.
EX: iconarea_image=D:\pic folder\folder2\deeper\image.bmp


You can change the color code FFFFFF by changing these 6 digits with any desired color code. First 2 Digit is BLUE, then the next 2 is GREEN, last 2 digit is red RED.

Using Windowpaper XP:

window Paper xp

Download Windowpaper here and straightway it gives the options for changing folder background and text color without being hassle.

Monday, April 6, 2009

How to Create Undeletable Folder in Windows XP

In previous article I wrote about creating folder locker which can hide and protect your files inside it with a password. Undeletable Folder
This time I thought to write about creating undeletable folders.

These folders can be deleted in Dos prompt only. So normal computer users will not be able to delete these folders.

To creating and deleting both processes we have to use DOS prompt which you can start by type CMD at "run"

Click Start >> Run and type CMD for start DOS prompt.

Change to the directory that you want to create your folder.

If you're not familiar with dos prompt simply you can create folders in any of your hard drive partition, for that just type hard+drive+letter: (Ex. C: , D: )

Then type "md \aux\\" without quotes marks and hit enter.

A folder called aux will be creating in your selected partition.

Try to delete in normal way, it will give you an error message whenever you try to delete it. There are many other names which you can use for creating folders.
  • lpt1 to lpt9 ( Ex. md \lpt1\\ )
  • CON
  • AUX
For delete these folders again open DOS prompt and navigate to the directory which you have create the folder

Type rd \aux\\ and press Enter. The folder should be deleted.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Creating your own file locker

This is really cool which will definitely surprise you. Also no need to spend money on buying any folder guard software.Folder Locker

Which I’m going to discuss today about creating folder guard software by our own will include most functionalities same like other similar products.

With this you can,
  • Guard any number of folders
  • Different passwords for each folder
  • You’re able to use any number of guards.

Not like third party installations this one is able to create any number of copies in anywhere of your hard drive and lock any number of files and folders.

K here we go first you needs to copy the whole code which I given bellow. Copy to a notepad.

title Folder Locker
if EXIST "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" goto UNLOCK
echo Are you sure u want to Lock the folder(Y/N)
set/p "cho=>"
if %cho%==Y goto LOCK
if %cho%==y goto LOCK
if %cho%==n goto END
if %cho%==N goto END
echo Invalid choice.
ren Locker "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"
attrib +h +s "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"
echo Folder locked
goto End
echo stuff by satish
echo Enter password to Unlock folder
set/p "pass=>"
attrib -h -s "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}"
ren "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" Locker
echo Folder Unlocked successfully
goto End
echo Invalid password
goto end
md Locker
echo Locker created successfully
goto End

Change the part of the coder “Your PASSWORD HERE” as your desired master password.

And save the file as .bat file. Extension should be .bat (Ex. Locker.bat)

Click on it and you can see there will be a folder is created name called “locker”

Put any number of files, folders which you needs to keep away from others.

Again click on the locker.bat, this time it’ll ask you to lock the folder “locker” Folder lockpress “Y” and hit enter.

Folder called locker will be locked and invisible.

Unlock Folder Password
Whenever you need to gets back your folder just click on the locker.bat and enters the password which you set at the beginning of this article.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Choosing a Computer Power Supply Most Important Factors

When choosing a power supply there are few factors you should consider to getting the most suitable one for the power supply
  • Maximum power output, in Watts
  • Maximum current output in Amps (A)
  • Power efficiency
  • Brand name/Series
  • Number of connections and types
  • Price

Maximum power output, in Watts:

First you have to decide which amount of output power required for your computer. Other than manually calculations there are two easy systems which provides more accurate answer for this egg power calculator

NewEgg Power Supply Calculator

extreme power calculator
eXtreme Power Supply Calculator

From above I love extreme power calculator as it provides more options and therefore will be more accurate result. Let’s say the power calculator suggests you 400W then you should buy a 450W or 500W power supply other than your power supply will not be enough in some cases like hardware upgrades in future.

Note: overclocked systems need more power than its normal stage.

My recommendation is calculate using at least two calculators and get the average a of both result.

Maximum current output:

This is a fact which you need to consider if you’re using several dedicated video cards and etc which uses more current. If you have any doubt you have to ask from the vendor about the current requirement which most suits to your pc.

Power efficiency and usage:

Wasted power convert in to the heat of the computer. If there is lower efficiency that will heat your computer more and more. This will cause to dissipate your system fans as they required running faster in more heated environment. So you need to consider about Power efficiency otherwise your computer will boiled.

Electricity bill can be raise up for the non used wasted power.
Hence you have to be bothered about 80% or more power efficiency when buying a power supply.

Number of connections and types:

The most common type of connections are listed below.

20+4 pin Main Connector
4 pin 12V Plugged into the motherboard (May be 8 pin in some cases)
6 pin PCI-Express (for video cards, tv cards and etc)
6+2 pin(or 8 pin) PCI Express: (This can deliver even more power to the video card)
SATA power connector
Molex or Peripheral: (for older hard drives, optical drives, case fans, etc)
Brand/Series and etc..


Cheaper brand power supplies don’t offer any extra protection and other facilities which offer by the other branding products. There is more chance to drown your power supply after less amount life time period. Also which will cause to unstable some parts or the whole computer?

Cheaper models/brands will not offer any type of protection or only minimum that would be leaving your PC unprotected. Power protection will be important as the current supply of the area and etc.

Power does not fluctuate is called as clean power. Fluctuate current would be cause to unstable some parts of a computer. What I’m notice is some cheaper modules not bothered about this fluctuation of current. So it is best to choose one of the good branded product as they supplies more facilities and protection than cheaper brands.


Price is oscillating for brand names, types and etc. Whatever the brand name our aim is buying a most suited power supply for our computer environment. So it’s best to lookout a power supply unit which has best ratio between performance and price.