Friday, April 10, 2009

Change Background Image & Text Color of Folders Windows XP

In windows XP there is no such an option for changing background and text color of the folders. Change folder background text colorHowever we can change the folder background and text color by editing Desktop.ini file (folder configuration setting file).

As well as you can use freeware utility called Windowpaper XP for changing the folder attributes (background, text color) and both these methods briefly discussed here.

You can use any desired way you like and result will be same.

Using Desktop.ini file:

Creating Desktop.ini:

1. Go to any folder you like to customize.

2. Right click and select “customize this folder”

3. Select change icon and select any desired icon and click ok. This will create the file Dekstop.ini, but still it won’t visible to you.

Make it visible:

In folder select Tools >> Folder Options >> select View tab >> check “show hidden files and folders” and uncheck “Hide Protected Operating System files”

Now in your folder file called Dekstop.ini should be visible.

Customizing Desktop.ini:

Open it using notepad or WordPad (any desired text editor)

Add below code.


Click save.

Customizing Image and color:


imagepath should be the correct path of the image you need to set as your folder backgrould. It can be in your any hard drive partition.
EX: iconarea_image=D:\pic folder\folder2\deeper\image.bmp


You can change the color code FFFFFF by changing these 6 digits with any desired color code. First 2 Digit is BLUE, then the next 2 is GREEN, last 2 digit is red RED.

Using Windowpaper XP:

window Paper xp

Download Windowpaper here and straightway it gives the options for changing folder background and text color without being hassle.


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