Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hide Hard Drive Partitions in Windows XP

Hiding Hard Drive partitions in your computer would be useful when you want to hide huge staff something like movies. Even though if we use folder locker or any other method there are Hard drive Partition Hidemany chance to getting know by someone about that.

Anyone can easily find out that we hide something in our hard drive using folder locker.

Also if sometimes you need to hide big stuff which nearly fills your one of hard drive partition, so the best way is hiding the whole partition and gets back it whenever you need. After hide windows not be able to read it until you unhide the partition. But data will be remaining the same.

Hide Hard drive Partition:

1. Go to start >> Run >> and type DISKPART

2. A DOS prompt will be appear, with the “DISKPART>”

3. Now type “list volume” (without “”)

4. Now there will be a list appear like below.
hard drive partition list

5. Now let’s say you need to hide stuff in drive 4, type "select volume 4" (without “”)

6. Now there will be a message appear “Volume 4 is the selected volume”

7. Then type “remove letter F"
(Remove letter drive4letter)

8. Again a message will appear “DiskPart removed the drive letter, but your computer needs to be rebooted before”

Restart the computer and the driver F will be disappearing.

Get Back the Hidden volume:

Repeat the process and after selecting the volume 4, type "assign letter F" instead of “remove letter F” and your drive will be visible again.


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