Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to make any Desired Size of larger files and Compress into Smaller Amount of Space

Sometimes you were encounter this type of files but probably you unaware about those.Super compress File
Most of the people doing this for collect rapidshare points.

Easily anyone can create bigger flies of desired amount and upload.

First we have to do some calculations,

  • Open your calculator (Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Calculator)
  • Changed the mode to Scientific (View >> Scientific)
  • Lets say you want to create a 100MB file, multiply the 100 by 1024*1024 (Ex. 100*1024*1024 )
  • (You’ll get the answer as "104857600")
  • If the size is 200MB then multiplication will be 200*1024*1024
  • Now convert the answer to Hex for that click the radio button at the left side and answer will be "6400000"
  • Now we want to make it as eight digit number, for that add zeros to the left edge until answer become 8 digit. If the answer is already 8 digits skip this step and go to next step. (Ex. "06400000" – 8 digit number)
From this point we are moving on creating the file using DOS prompt.
  • Now start the command prompt. (Start>> run and type cmd)Steps Creating Larger File
  • Change the directory to where you want to create your file or just press C: for change the path to C partition.
  • Type "debug MYFILE.DAT"(without “”) and press enter. You’ll get a message "File not found"
  • Type "rcx"(without “”) and Enter.
  • Again type the last four digits of the value we got (Hexadecimal format) Ex. 0000
  • Now type "rbx"(without “”) and press Enter.
  • Again type the first four digits of the Hexadecimal value and press enter. Ex. 0640
  • Type “w” (without “”) for write the file to hard drive.
  • Again press type “q” to exit...
Now check the location where you set to create the file, you’ll see there is a file called MYFILE.DAT created. Now compress that file using any compression utility you’ll be amazed.


Anonymous said...

Hi, here an other tips best and easy, so type in cmd dos this line
u will have a file named created in c:, its size is about 97 mo. When u zip it, u will get 92ko ! Have fun.
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TN - houkwing said...

Thanks thats cool fnd

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