Monday, April 13, 2009

Fast Internet Browsing Auto Pager For Firefox

The main disadvantage of browsing internet is we have to be waiting and go to theBrowse Internet Fast pages one by one after we read a page. Loading page one after another take serious times if the internet connection is very slow.

Normally Dialup users always screaming that the sites are too heavy or something like that.

Even we trying to speed up the internet connection we cannot gain the speed beyond the internet service provider (ISP) offer. So I found legitimate way that can work well in practically.

Firefox Auto Pager is an extension for FF which automatically loads the next page of a site inline when you reach the end of the current page for infinite scrolling of content. Auto Pager works with many popular sites, platforms and etc.

Ex. Blogger blogs, wordpress blogs, Social bookmarking sites like digg, ebay, amazon, yahoo, you tube, flickr,, live, msn, myspace, wikipedia, taobao,Twitter ,Google and much more.

  • Advantages:
  1. Fast internet browsing.
  2. Reduce the time consuming.
  3. Less effort for browse pages one by one. (Pages will load in one page)
  4. More customizations, so far I didn’t face any difficulties.

  • Disadvantage:
  1. Only works in Firefox (Firefox add on)
When you entering to any site if the site is compatible with auto pager then it will pop up a message and ask you for loading pages after you scrolling to the end of current page. Go for advance options after you understand the task really what auto pages does.


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