Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Make Dead Torrent Alive!! Way of Finding Trackers for Torrents

[updated: 01/06/2009]
Sometimes you may have bad experience with downloading torrents like torrents wereFind Torrents Trackers dead after complete half of it, has slow the download speed, primary tracker was dead and etc.

These are the main reasons why many people refuse the downloading public torrents and go for private trackers.

Normally private trackers have good speed with many seeds but these are offer limited registrations or charge for the membership. So everybody can’t gain the advantage of these trackers.

Anyway I’ll show you how to make dead torrents are alive by adding more and more trackers which can improves download speed by improving number of seeds.

Some people tend to create a list of trackers and add them in to each torrent they downloading. But this won’t be perfect and smarter every time. There can be lots of useless trackers for the specified torrent and there can be lots of missed active torrent which tracks the particular torrent file.

The method I’m going to discuses here will be similar to this though I’ll show you how to find more trackers in a smarter way for getting more achievements.

  • Need more trackers for your torrent?
  • Want find tracker for any torrent because primary tracker blocked by your ISP?
  • In any occasions like primary tracker was down.
  • Or need more seeds and speed up the downloading

Here is the way you can do it in smarter and perfect,

1. Go to
- New version is here.

2. Click the browse button and upload the torrent file (you have to download the torrent file to your computer before proceed with this step. Ex. Anyname.torrent)

3. You can see list of available new trackers which can use for download your torrent files, click ReAnnounce button.

4. Download the reannounced torrent file (which has new additional torrent trackers)

5. Also you can copy and add those new torrents to your exiting torrent file, for that open your torrent client and properties and add new trackers after exiting ones.

Ex. In Utorrent Right click on the torrent file>> properties and in general tab add those new torrents which you copies after exiting ones.


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