Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Two neat Gmail hacks for using same email multiply times instead of creating new accounts

This is something cool feature which facilitate to use your same email account for registering multiply times in forums and other places where ask email address for verifications and futureGmail hackings references.

Exactly I don’t know whether this will work with other email service providers like yahoo, live and etc. I tried both these method with my Gmail account and work perfectly.

Gmail system ignores the dots (.) and plus (+) signs and what we doing is using both these as an advantage of using the same mail account in multiply times with creating as much as possible accounts at any site.

This will be good news for spammers anyway if you have a headache about creating mail accounts then this will be useful.

Using + mark in email address:

Let’s say your email account is MYNAME@GMAIL.COM then you can use MYNAME+MY@GMAIL.COM or any other prefix starting with + mark right after your mail address.


As Google ignores the +mark and all the letters after it, there is a chance for receiving mails for your accounts.

Using … (dots) in mail address:

Google ignores dots within the mail address. Instead of MYNAME@GMAIL.COM you can use


or any other combination with dots and mails receive to these addresses will be credit to your actual account.


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