Sunday, May 31, 2009

10 things to Protect Yourself on the Internet

  • Never give out your private information to anybody you never know before.
Never publish your private information like real name, address age and etc in forums, chat Internet Securityrooms and other public places. This could be so dangers as anybody can track you after getting your real information.

  • Don't talk to strangers as much as possible.
Best way for not to giving your private details to strangers is keep them away as much as possible and if because of any reason you have to talk them then keep your real identification and feed them with fake one.

  • Don't click any URL unless it's sent by your trusted friends.
There are many people around the internet hunting you down for money. They may send you the ad site URLs which pays them for driving peoples, malicious sites and etc. Make sure not to click on these unless you know the sender.

  • Do complete virus scan to your computer at least once week.
Every day is better. But it is not possible. Also as long as you have installed good antivirus software it doesn’t need to scan your computer every day. But doing that at least once a week is will make sure you’re not infecting.

  • Make sure your computer has installed Antivirus/Firewall
As I mentioned earlier having antivirus is so important. Also Firewall software do real time protection along with antivirus. You should have installed both these type of security software for long breathe on the internet.

  • Delete Spam Mails as soon as you receive them
Most people Mail accounts receive hundred of spam mails every day. You must not click those links unless you never know the sender. Sometimes these send for driving traffic to those sites and sometime these are leading you to malicious sites which thief your real information.

  • Never respond to emails that offer you million dollars commission
Mostly these are doing by spammers for fooling you and all they need is your real information. One time I receive a mail, it says I won the 1Million lottery and they ask my private information like name, address and etc to send my gift. It seems even they don’t know about my name or address, so how can I win a lottery even I never buy one.

This is just a one example. DON’T let them to fool you.

  • Buy only from websites that protect your privacy (https)
Check the URL bar it should be beginning with “https” not “http”. It’s pretty easy to identify good sites for buying.

  • Never participate to on-online lotteries, casinos
These are real shit never go to play them. Definitely you’ll lose your money and all.

  • Never download software which doesn’t provide you enough details about the developer.
This is so important, most people never concern about this. Always download software from popular download sites and only software that they recommended. Check user reviews before downloading/installing any software.

How to find the Gateway Address and Subnet Mask?

If you’re a windows user and willing to know what is your gateway address and subnet mask then here you can proceed with my article.Gateway Address Subnet Mask

  • Gateway Address
Gateway address is the next hop to which a packet goes to whenever the destination subnet is not present in the routing table for that specific packet.

It can be manually configured in the connection's TCP/IP properties or automatically assigned by the DHCP server.

  • Subnet mask
A subnet mask allows you to identify which part of an IP address are reserved for the network and which part is available for host use. If you look at the IP address alone you can't tell which part of the address is which. Adding the subnet mask, or net mask, gives you all the information you need to calculate network and host portions of the address with ease.

The subnet mask can allow you to easily calculate whether IP addresses are on the same subnet or not.

Finding Gateway address and subnet mask is pretty easy and below I discussed how to find those up to operating system windows XP Pro.

  • Windows 98 and ME.
Click Start > Run > type, winipcfg
Select the PPP Adapter from the drop down box.

  • Windows 2000
Click Start > Accessories > Command Prompt
type, ipconfig /all
Note: there is a SPACE after the ipconfig

  • Windows XP / Home and XP Pro
First open DOS prompt, you can do that by simply
Clicking Start > Run > type cmd
In the DOS window type ipconfig /all

Note: there is a SPACE after the ipconfig

Type exit and hit enter for close DOS window.

How to Install a New RAM

Adding a RAM (Random Access Memory) is one of the easiest way for speed up your computer. It is a pretty cheap way to make your old computer a lot faster.

Adding RAM is easy. Here how you can do it by yourself, pretty simple.RAM Memory

  • Get the Right Type of RAM
First all you have to do is find out how much RAM memory capacity does your motherboard support for installing, how much each slot can take and how many RAM slots it has.

Best and easy way for doing this is get your motherboard manual and read, if you lose it go to your motherboard manufactured site and easily you can find out the information about your motherboard.

K lets deiced how much memory you’re going to install, Add as much as possible memory amount as it cheap to buy larger RAM memory once, than buying again and again.

To know how much memory currently installed in your computer Go to start >> Control Panel and open System, in the General tab you can have fully information about your system.

  • Installing RAM Memory
You have to shut down your computer and unplug it first.

Open a one side of your casing (side that hasn’t metal part, which bolt your motherboard) and check for the RAM ports. Those should be near to computer processor.

Every computer has at least two RAM slots located near to microprocessor. Sometime you need to unplug inner cables for make some space for installing the new RAM. Unplug any cable carefully and remember to where those are connected, most of the time you’ll have to unplug the cables of hard drive, cd-rom and floppy.

Again remember how those are connected and don’t be afraid that is the most important thing here.

Remove the RAM from its anti-static bag and hold it by the edges to have as little contact with the working parts as possible.

In RAM slot you can see two locks at edges of both sides, dilate them and let’s begin with installing process.
Line the memory up with the motherboard slot. You can see there is a small gap middle of the RAM. Line up the RAM as it best fitted with the RAM slot and check the middle gap to ensure you’re installing RAM correctly.

Now gently and then increase the pressure until the memory goes into the slot and fitted. Make sure that the memory is seated correctly. Both locks we dilated before should lock automatically. RAM should be fitted properly into ram slot unless it will be burn.

Again check your RAM and make sure you installed it correctly, Replace all the cables you have unplugged and close the case.

Boot your computer back and windows will automatically detect the installed RAM and start using it. Again make sure your new RAM is working go to system and check whether the windows identify your newly installed RAM correctly.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Why a Computer Getting Freeze & How to Fix

Many of users screaming about their computers getting freeze even they done the things like fixing registry errors, defragmenting hard drives, removing junk files and etc that are most common options for fixing slower computers.
Computer Freeze
Doing such things would not be enough for fixing on some issue that has happen to your computer. I have listed some of the main causes that mostly influence for freeze a computer.

  • Ram Memory
The amount of RAM your system required is depending on the computer hardware usage and operating system.

If your computer has installed the lager applications most of the times you required at least 1GB RAM memory for proper usage.

Windows XP or Windows 2000 users must have at least 512 MB of memory on your computer. Windows Vista and Windows 7 users will need at least 1 GB of RAM for comfortable work but it is better to having 2GB or more.

As I mentioned earlier if you work with larger applications like 3d max, Photoshop CS4, Maya and etc along with the OS vista and windows 7, then it would be better to having 3GB or more RAM installed in your system.

  • Scan for Viruses and Spyware
If the computer infected with malicious software like virus, spyware and etc probably cause to freeze a computer as malicious programs use more computer resource for its background processes.

AVAST and AVG both are popular antivirus programs which you can have for free, although for fully protection you have to buy them. ThreatFire another useful program for detect “trojans” (special kind of spyware that hides itself from normal antivirus scanners) and eliminate completely.

  • Disable Programs Uses More Resources
To find out which program or programs are using up the resources, open the Task Manager
Right click on task bar >> Task Manager
In process tab check the “CPU” column, this column will show you CPU usage of all the processes currently running on your pc. Easily you can determine which processes that are eat more CPU resources and disable it if the process is not important.

Also if the program has set to start with the computer you may need to disable it from the start up too.

Removing programs form computer start up read here.

  • Hardware Problems
Even you haven’t install many of program still your computer can be get freeze because of the hardware problems. Possible hardware problem are,
  1. Bad or corrupt RAM
  2. High CPU temperature
  3. Bad drivers

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Different between Video - CD Format Types

There are many different types of formats for movie files. Some of them are SVCD, DivX, XviD and etc.

May be these formats confusing you but you don’t needs to worry much about those because players like K-Lite code pack and etc has the ability of rendering many of these types without leaving you much concern about the format.Video Format Types

However knowing about these types and why they stand for will be useful you to getting know the different of the quality, size, possibility of creating them and etc between these types.

Many people are daunted when go through these different formats! Here some of the most common formats and I have explained briefly about each of those. Furthermore you won’t be confusing.

  • VCD
VCD format is based on mpeg1. Constant bit rate of 1150bit, at a resolution of 352x240. The main use of VCDs is to make the file smaller, and to fit as much on one disk as possible.

  • SVCD
The SVCD format is based on mpeg2. Something similar to DVDs, and allows varied bit-rates of up to 2500kbits at a resolution of 480x480, which is an improvement over the VCD format.

The format VCD/SVCD are capable of much higher resolutions and bit-rates. All depends on the player to whether the disc can be played.

  • DivX / XviD
DivX format is designed for multimedia platforms. DivX uses two different codecs high motion and low motion.
Note: The majority of DVDs players won't play DivX.

  • DivX Re-Enc
DivX re-enc is basically a film that was taken from the original VCD source and then re-coded as a more compact DivX file. The quality isn't good at all.

  • DVD-R
The recordable DVD, it is one of the most popular, and holds 4.7 gigabytes of date per side.

  • MiniDVD
The format MiniDVD is the same basic format as DVD, but fits onto a standard CDR. However the format isn't compatible with many players.

Different File Extensions You should be Aware

Many number of different file extensions out there. Probably most of the time you’ll confuse how to handle some file extensions and which programs are really supporting for those.

In here I’m trying to heap up most common file extensions with their supporting programs.

  • Compressed FilesCompressed Files

File Extensions: .rar .001 .zip .ace .7zip .cab .tar .lah

These files are known as compressed files. Using compressor files can make smaller. You can use WinRAR, PowerArchiver, WinZip or WinACE to extract and read.

.cbr .cbz
These are usually compressed comic books. You need CDisplay to open them.

  • Multimedia Files

File Extensions: .divx .xvid .wmv .avi .mpg .mpeg

These formats usually stand for video of some sort, mostly associated with files or TV shows.Multimedia Files

VLC, BSPlayer, Winamp, DivX Player, Windows Media Player and Media Player Classic can use for open these types of files.

.ra .rm .ram
RealPlayer is the most known application for handling this type of files.

.mp3 .mp2
These are stand for music files. Winamp, Media Player, JetAudio are few of my favorite players for listing MP3.

.ogm .ogg
Music files, you can use DirectShow Ogg filter to play these files, or the latest version of Winamp also have ability to handling these types.

.vcd .svcd
Video CD, or Super Video CD and if they're burned to a disc, they'll play in almost any modern DVD player.

QuickTime files, you’ll need apple quick time for handling this type and media player classic also working with these up to some extent.

  • CD Image Files

File Extensions: .bin .cue .ccd .img .sub .iso
Compressed Files
Very common image extensions of CDs. Power ISO is the popular one for handling iso files and Nero is most popular for handling many of these types.

Programs like Alcohol 120%, Daemon Tools and power iso can create virtual drives and facilitate you to insert these images like normal CD without burning.

.mds .mdf
These are called as Media Descriptor Images and you can use Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120% to mount them also it is possible to burn them into a CD. Alcohol is the most popular one for this.

These are specific to Nero, and you have to use it to burn them.

Other Important File Extensions

.txt .doc .rtf
These all contain text and you can open .txt using Notepad, .doc - Word or Open Office, and .rtf can be opened in either.

Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe pdf reader and Foxit Reader are the popular readers for pdf.

Information files always open them in Notepad or WordPad for reading, when they're associated with something you've downloaded.

Protect Your Torrents from being stopped by Tracker Falls

A torrent can stopped downloading because of several reasons. I was sick of tired because of this kind of matters involve with torrents. So I put my concentration about keeping torrents alive finally I got good involvement and fixing this for some extend.Torrent Tracker Error

In my prior articles I have discussed some of reasons for dead torrents and how bring those alive. Without updating previous ones I thought to write a new article getting connection with previous writings.

  • One of major reason for stop downloading torrents is they are getting deleted from trackers.

Some trackers delete torrents after they available for some period of time. The tracker system will automatically delete old torrent after they rich their end of the time cycle. This is done mainly purpose of saving resource.

Another reason is for deleting torrents is there seeding activity. Lack of seeding may cause to getting delete torrent from its tracker.

Also there are another few reasons behind with this, like lots of user complaints, illegal torrents and etc.

  • Die Trackers.

BitTorrent trackers always going up and down. Because of this behavior torrent can stops his download completely.

  • Experience Downtime of Trackers

Most of BitTorrent trackers go down every now and then. Within the downtime torrent will show you noting and behave like dead one.

Fixing tracker down sides cannot be fixed 100% even though we can pervert being facing this type of matters for some extent.

  • Multi-tracker Torrents

Multi Tracker functionality is the one of the greatest involvement with new torrent clients for keeping torrents alive even one tracker is down.

You can add as much as trackers for any torrent file and if a tracker goes down it won’t incapacitate the download as other trackers handle the download in well manner.

Read more about find trackers easily.

  • Enable DHT Feature

Distributed Hash Table, if a web based tracker goes down still the torrents can stay alive because peers can act as “nodes” keeping the swarm intact.

It is like the DHT layer serves as a peer-to-peer tracker. The DHT feature is available on many of new torrent clients and of course in utorrent too.

Malicious Malware Torrent Clients

There are number of different torrent clients which blurt to give you massive torrent download speed.

The words are handy and attractive but the reality is they are not able of giving such a speed. Some of these clients truly contain Malwares and hijack your browser.Malicious Torrent Clients

Malware is type software that designed to infiltrate or damage computer systems without consent or knowledge of the system author.

There are number of torrent clients which circulate this type of malicious things and here few of their names I listed below, but you should be aware there can be more not listed here.

  • These torrent clients proved to contain malwares.
  1. Torrent101 is malware
  2. BitRoll is malware
  3. TorrentQ is malware
  4. GetTorrent

All these clients are scam products and they claim to bring ‘high speeds downloads’. But as I mentioned earlier all they do is install malware and other malicious things.

May be you have seen advertisements about these malware clients on several popular torrent sites, using phrases like
Download This Torrents using CLIENT NAME for high speed downloads
and etc. The reason is money.

Developers pay lots of money to these torrent admins and fortunately many of major sites now remove these advertisements after they getting know the fact about these craps. However you want to be aware about such a things because there can be lots of clients can be appear in feature.

  • Malware Removal Tools
If you have installed one of the above torrent clients and you suspect there can be malicious software installed in your system these free tools will cost you nothing.

  1. Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool
  2. Comodo BOClean Anti-Malware
  3. ESET SysInspector
  4. SDFix

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to Clean your Computer Mouse Step by Step Guide

Mouse is the most sensitive part which we use every so often and it is very cheap compared to other parts. However it is so important to keep the mouse clean and smooth for ease of use.Cleaning a mouse

Cleaning mouse at least every 6 months is good for the long lives of it’s and smoothness. The time is depending on the use of mouse and the dust in your computer rooms.

Whenever you notice that the cursor doesn't move as smoothly over the screen as it should then it is the right time for cleaning your mouse.

Things to consider:
  1. Avoid spilling liquids on your mouse.
  2. Keep your mouse pad clean and dry.
  3. Use a slick mouse pad rather than a fabric one.
  4. Clean your mechanical mouse regularly.

Materials you will need:
  1. Tweezers
  2. A can of compressed air
  3. Cotton swab
  4. Rubbing alcohol

Cleaning your mouse:
  • Unplug the mouse from your computer (mouse has to be connected to the back side port of your computer)
  • Turn the mouse upside down.
  • Locate the plastic ring that holds the mouse ball in place.
  • Using both thumbs, rotate the ring in the direction of the arrows until it won't turn any further. If you don't have arrows, just turn it whichever way it will go.
  • Pick up your mouse and pour the ball and ring into your hand.
  • Set the ring aside and wash the ball under lukewarm water.
  • Set the ball aside and let it air dry.
  • Carefully remove any lint and debris with the tweezers. (You can use a couple shots of compressed air to remove some stubborn lint from the inside of your mouse.) Use caution to keep the can upright so you do not spray moister into your mouse.
  • Put some rubbing alcohol on the end of your cotton swab (do not saturate the swab) and swab the rollers and the inside compartment.
  • Let your clean mouse air dry. For you impatient folks, using a hairdryer on a low setting will work fine to speed this process.
When the mouse completely dry Re-assemble and plug it back in to your computer

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fix the problems almost occur after installing new software in Windows

There can be many errors occur after installing a new software for a PC. However there are three common types of errors that can be appearing in any computer system because of the incompatibility or not proper installation of software. Fix Software Crashes

Mostly many of errors can be occur after installing system utilities and drivers than a normal software. Generating almost endless list of errors that can be caused by any of the below reasons.
  1. Confliction of newly installed programs with exist software in the pc.
  2. Issue comes with the program.
  3. Improper installation or problems that can be occur within the installation.
  • Reinstall or uninstall the program
Most of the times you can fix the problems that grows because of the installation errors or any other incorrect process that was occur within the installation by reinstalling the software back. It is good to uninstall the program first before begin the reinstallation.

Other than using normal windows uninstaller I almost prefer and tend to use uninstaller software like Revo and Your-uninstaller. Revo one of my preferred one as it completely free of charge and hefty for remove all remains of a program.

If after installing a program you're unable to boot into Windows, try booting into Safe Mode.

  • Check for software program updates or New versions
Incompatible, old and un-upgraded versions can make affect system stability by working against the CPU instruction and so on. As these cannot be done higher impact these can be affect into certain areas only. However this can be incapacitate your overall system performances in some cases.

Obviously you should try to getting newest versions of software as developers improving and fixing bugs with the new versions. However this can cost you more if you trying to buy every new software release with upgrades and this is something which is not practically do.

But in here I’m not focusing on shareware. System drivers are the major section which always suffers with the old/incompatible versions. Hardware drivers cost you nothing as they freely published by the hardware manufactures.

So always try to get the newest versions issued by your hardware manufacturers, try to use the update driver feature in windows for search drivers automatically without paying third party products.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Utorrent Eliminate Fake Peers and Make use the Ipfilter Feature

Have you ever thought why there is a logger tab in utorrent and make use the ipfilter feature?

When downloading big files using torrent you may notice you received huge amount ofUtorrent Fake Peers Blocking wasted data too.

Every so often, you will have received more wasted data than the size of the files you are downloading and this data has been discarded after being deemed corrupt or invalid by torrent client.

This is because Anti-P2P organizations are actively polluting P2P networks with fake peers, which sends fake and corrupt data in order to waste bandwidth and slow down file transfers.

There is also a much more serious side to this. Once you established a connection to one of these fake "peers", your IP has been logged and will most likely be sent to the RIAA/MPAA!

This is why there is a feature called IP filtering option in the utorrent. Easily we can block all of these fake peers and speed up downloads and avoiding the receiving many of garbage data.
  • First we need to retrieve a list of currently known Anti-P2P organization IPs. We can easily do by downloading the Bluetack fake peers list. nipfilter.dat.gz
  • Extract the .gz file and rename the ”nipfilter.dat" to "ipfilter.dat"
  • Next thing we needs to make this file available in utorrent, for that go to run and copy the exact word %AppData%\uTorrent and press enter.
Start-> Run and type %AppData%\uTorrent
  • Now copy the ipfilter.dat file into the opened folder and restart the utorrent.
  • Verify that the ipfilter list is properly loaded into utorrent by switching logger tab
There should be a message something similar to this.[2009-05-08 23:05:49] Loaded ipfilter.dat (247768 entries)

Good habit:
Check updates of this file for the newest fake peers at least once a week.

Search Private Directories for Images/Icons and Etc

I always love to extend my collection of Google Tricks articles whenever I found another mostSearch Private Folders Google Trick impressive method that can use in search for accomplish rare tasks.

Here is another portion of text which can use for access private picture directories (which not permitted for outside world).

This is useful if you’re going to work on your school projects or something similar which needs rare images not in public.
intitle:index.of +"Indexed by Apache::Gallery"
Also you may prefer narrow your search this is can do for some extent, add any part of text end of the above portion like exactly showed in below.
intitle:index.of +"Indexed by Apache::Gallery" +ANY_WORD