Sunday, May 31, 2009

10 things to Protect Yourself on the Internet

  • Never give out your private information to anybody you never know before.
Never publish your private information like real name, address age and etc in forums, chat Internet Securityrooms and other public places. This could be so dangers as anybody can track you after getting your real information.

  • Don't talk to strangers as much as possible.
Best way for not to giving your private details to strangers is keep them away as much as possible and if because of any reason you have to talk them then keep your real identification and feed them with fake one.

  • Don't click any URL unless it's sent by your trusted friends.
There are many people around the internet hunting you down for money. They may send you the ad site URLs which pays them for driving peoples, malicious sites and etc. Make sure not to click on these unless you know the sender.

  • Do complete virus scan to your computer at least once week.
Every day is better. But it is not possible. Also as long as you have installed good antivirus software it doesn’t need to scan your computer every day. But doing that at least once a week is will make sure you’re not infecting.

  • Make sure your computer has installed Antivirus/Firewall
As I mentioned earlier having antivirus is so important. Also Firewall software do real time protection along with antivirus. You should have installed both these type of security software for long breathe on the internet.

  • Delete Spam Mails as soon as you receive them
Most people Mail accounts receive hundred of spam mails every day. You must not click those links unless you never know the sender. Sometimes these send for driving traffic to those sites and sometime these are leading you to malicious sites which thief your real information.

  • Never respond to emails that offer you million dollars commission
Mostly these are doing by spammers for fooling you and all they need is your real information. One time I receive a mail, it says I won the 1Million lottery and they ask my private information like name, address and etc to send my gift. It seems even they don’t know about my name or address, so how can I win a lottery even I never buy one.

This is just a one example. DON’T let them to fool you.

  • Buy only from websites that protect your privacy (https)
Check the URL bar it should be beginning with “https” not “http”. It’s pretty easy to identify good sites for buying.

  • Never participate to on-online lotteries, casinos
These are real shit never go to play them. Definitely you’ll lose your money and all.

  • Never download software which doesn’t provide you enough details about the developer.
This is so important, most people never concern about this. Always download software from popular download sites and only software that they recommended. Check user reviews before downloading/installing any software.


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