Thursday, May 28, 2009

Different File Extensions You should be Aware

Many number of different file extensions out there. Probably most of the time you’ll confuse how to handle some file extensions and which programs are really supporting for those.

In here I’m trying to heap up most common file extensions with their supporting programs.

  • Compressed FilesCompressed Files

File Extensions: .rar .001 .zip .ace .7zip .cab .tar .lah

These files are known as compressed files. Using compressor files can make smaller. You can use WinRAR, PowerArchiver, WinZip or WinACE to extract and read.

.cbr .cbz
These are usually compressed comic books. You need CDisplay to open them.

  • Multimedia Files

File Extensions: .divx .xvid .wmv .avi .mpg .mpeg

These formats usually stand for video of some sort, mostly associated with files or TV shows.Multimedia Files

VLC, BSPlayer, Winamp, DivX Player, Windows Media Player and Media Player Classic can use for open these types of files.

.ra .rm .ram
RealPlayer is the most known application for handling this type of files.

.mp3 .mp2
These are stand for music files. Winamp, Media Player, JetAudio are few of my favorite players for listing MP3.

.ogm .ogg
Music files, you can use DirectShow Ogg filter to play these files, or the latest version of Winamp also have ability to handling these types.

.vcd .svcd
Video CD, or Super Video CD and if they're burned to a disc, they'll play in almost any modern DVD player.

QuickTime files, you’ll need apple quick time for handling this type and media player classic also working with these up to some extent.

  • CD Image Files

File Extensions: .bin .cue .ccd .img .sub .iso
Compressed Files
Very common image extensions of CDs. Power ISO is the popular one for handling iso files and Nero is most popular for handling many of these types.

Programs like Alcohol 120%, Daemon Tools and power iso can create virtual drives and facilitate you to insert these images like normal CD without burning.

.mds .mdf
These are called as Media Descriptor Images and you can use Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120% to mount them also it is possible to burn them into a CD. Alcohol is the most popular one for this.

These are specific to Nero, and you have to use it to burn them.

Other Important File Extensions

.txt .doc .rtf
These all contain text and you can open .txt using Notepad, .doc - Word or Open Office, and .rtf can be opened in either.

Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe pdf reader and Foxit Reader are the popular readers for pdf.

Information files always open them in Notepad or WordPad for reading, when they're associated with something you've downloaded.


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