Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fix the problems almost occur after installing new software in Windows

There can be many errors occur after installing a new software for a PC. However there are three common types of errors that can be appearing in any computer system because of the incompatibility or not proper installation of software. Fix Software Crashes

Mostly many of errors can be occur after installing system utilities and drivers than a normal software. Generating almost endless list of errors that can be caused by any of the below reasons.
  1. Confliction of newly installed programs with exist software in the pc.
  2. Issue comes with the program.
  3. Improper installation or problems that can be occur within the installation.
  • Reinstall or uninstall the program
Most of the times you can fix the problems that grows because of the installation errors or any other incorrect process that was occur within the installation by reinstalling the software back. It is good to uninstall the program first before begin the reinstallation.

Other than using normal windows uninstaller I almost prefer and tend to use uninstaller software like Revo and Your-uninstaller. Revo one of my preferred one as it completely free of charge and hefty for remove all remains of a program.

If after installing a program you're unable to boot into Windows, try booting into Safe Mode.

  • Check for software program updates or New versions
Incompatible, old and un-upgraded versions can make affect system stability by working against the CPU instruction and so on. As these cannot be done higher impact these can be affect into certain areas only. However this can be incapacitate your overall system performances in some cases.

Obviously you should try to getting newest versions of software as developers improving and fixing bugs with the new versions. However this can cost you more if you trying to buy every new software release with upgrades and this is something which is not practically do.

But in here I’m not focusing on shareware. System drivers are the major section which always suffers with the old/incompatible versions. Hardware drivers cost you nothing as they freely published by the hardware manufactures.

So always try to get the newest versions issued by your hardware manufacturers, try to use the update driver feature in windows for search drivers automatically without paying third party products.


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