Sunday, May 31, 2009

How to find the Gateway Address and Subnet Mask?

If you’re a windows user and willing to know what is your gateway address and subnet mask then here you can proceed with my article.Gateway Address Subnet Mask

  • Gateway Address
Gateway address is the next hop to which a packet goes to whenever the destination subnet is not present in the routing table for that specific packet.

It can be manually configured in the connection's TCP/IP properties or automatically assigned by the DHCP server.

  • Subnet mask
A subnet mask allows you to identify which part of an IP address are reserved for the network and which part is available for host use. If you look at the IP address alone you can't tell which part of the address is which. Adding the subnet mask, or net mask, gives you all the information you need to calculate network and host portions of the address with ease.

The subnet mask can allow you to easily calculate whether IP addresses are on the same subnet or not.

Finding Gateway address and subnet mask is pretty easy and below I discussed how to find those up to operating system windows XP Pro.

  • Windows 98 and ME.
Click Start > Run > type, winipcfg
Select the PPP Adapter from the drop down box.

  • Windows 2000
Click Start > Accessories > Command Prompt
type, ipconfig /all
Note: there is a SPACE after the ipconfig

  • Windows XP / Home and XP Pro
First open DOS prompt, you can do that by simply
Clicking Start > Run > type cmd
In the DOS window type ipconfig /all

Note: there is a SPACE after the ipconfig

Type exit and hit enter for close DOS window.


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