Sunday, May 31, 2009

How to Install a New RAM

Adding a RAM (Random Access Memory) is one of the easiest way for speed up your computer. It is a pretty cheap way to make your old computer a lot faster.

Adding RAM is easy. Here how you can do it by yourself, pretty simple.RAM Memory

  • Get the Right Type of RAM
First all you have to do is find out how much RAM memory capacity does your motherboard support for installing, how much each slot can take and how many RAM slots it has.

Best and easy way for doing this is get your motherboard manual and read, if you lose it go to your motherboard manufactured site and easily you can find out the information about your motherboard.

K lets deiced how much memory you’re going to install, Add as much as possible memory amount as it cheap to buy larger RAM memory once, than buying again and again.

To know how much memory currently installed in your computer Go to start >> Control Panel and open System, in the General tab you can have fully information about your system.

  • Installing RAM Memory
You have to shut down your computer and unplug it first.

Open a one side of your casing (side that hasn’t metal part, which bolt your motherboard) and check for the RAM ports. Those should be near to computer processor.

Every computer has at least two RAM slots located near to microprocessor. Sometime you need to unplug inner cables for make some space for installing the new RAM. Unplug any cable carefully and remember to where those are connected, most of the time you’ll have to unplug the cables of hard drive, cd-rom and floppy.

Again remember how those are connected and don’t be afraid that is the most important thing here.

Remove the RAM from its anti-static bag and hold it by the edges to have as little contact with the working parts as possible.

In RAM slot you can see two locks at edges of both sides, dilate them and let’s begin with installing process.
Line the memory up with the motherboard slot. You can see there is a small gap middle of the RAM. Line up the RAM as it best fitted with the RAM slot and check the middle gap to ensure you’re installing RAM correctly.

Now gently and then increase the pressure until the memory goes into the slot and fitted. Make sure that the memory is seated correctly. Both locks we dilated before should lock automatically. RAM should be fitted properly into ram slot unless it will be burn.

Again check your RAM and make sure you installed it correctly, Replace all the cables you have unplugged and close the case.

Boot your computer back and windows will automatically detect the installed RAM and start using it. Again make sure your new RAM is working go to system and check whether the windows identify your newly installed RAM correctly.


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