Thursday, May 28, 2009

Malicious Malware Torrent Clients

There are number of different torrent clients which blurt to give you massive torrent download speed.

The words are handy and attractive but the reality is they are not able of giving such a speed. Some of these clients truly contain Malwares and hijack your browser.Malicious Torrent Clients

Malware is type software that designed to infiltrate or damage computer systems without consent or knowledge of the system author.

There are number of torrent clients which circulate this type of malicious things and here few of their names I listed below, but you should be aware there can be more not listed here.

  • These torrent clients proved to contain malwares.
  1. Torrent101 is malware
  2. BitRoll is malware
  3. TorrentQ is malware
  4. GetTorrent

All these clients are scam products and they claim to bring ‘high speeds downloads’. But as I mentioned earlier all they do is install malware and other malicious things.

May be you have seen advertisements about these malware clients on several popular torrent sites, using phrases like
Download This Torrents using CLIENT NAME for high speed downloads
and etc. The reason is money.

Developers pay lots of money to these torrent admins and fortunately many of major sites now remove these advertisements after they getting know the fact about these craps. However you want to be aware about such a things because there can be lots of clients can be appear in feature.

  • Malware Removal Tools
If you have installed one of the above torrent clients and you suspect there can be malicious software installed in your system these free tools will cost you nothing.

  1. Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool
  2. Comodo BOClean Anti-Malware
  3. ESET SysInspector
  4. SDFix


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