Thursday, May 28, 2009

Protect Your Torrents from being stopped by Tracker Falls

A torrent can stopped downloading because of several reasons. I was sick of tired because of this kind of matters involve with torrents. So I put my concentration about keeping torrents alive finally I got good involvement and fixing this for some extend.Torrent Tracker Error

In my prior articles I have discussed some of reasons for dead torrents and how bring those alive. Without updating previous ones I thought to write a new article getting connection with previous writings.

  • One of major reason for stop downloading torrents is they are getting deleted from trackers.

Some trackers delete torrents after they available for some period of time. The tracker system will automatically delete old torrent after they rich their end of the time cycle. This is done mainly purpose of saving resource.

Another reason is for deleting torrents is there seeding activity. Lack of seeding may cause to getting delete torrent from its tracker.

Also there are another few reasons behind with this, like lots of user complaints, illegal torrents and etc.

  • Die Trackers.

BitTorrent trackers always going up and down. Because of this behavior torrent can stops his download completely.

  • Experience Downtime of Trackers

Most of BitTorrent trackers go down every now and then. Within the downtime torrent will show you noting and behave like dead one.

Fixing tracker down sides cannot be fixed 100% even though we can pervert being facing this type of matters for some extent.

  • Multi-tracker Torrents

Multi Tracker functionality is the one of the greatest involvement with new torrent clients for keeping torrents alive even one tracker is down.

You can add as much as trackers for any torrent file and if a tracker goes down it won’t incapacitate the download as other trackers handle the download in well manner.

Read more about find trackers easily.

  • Enable DHT Feature

Distributed Hash Table, if a web based tracker goes down still the torrents can stay alive because peers can act as “nodes” keeping the swarm intact.

It is like the DHT layer serves as a peer-to-peer tracker. The DHT feature is available on many of new torrent clients and of course in utorrent too.


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