Friday, May 8, 2009

Utorrent Eliminate Fake Peers and Make use the Ipfilter Feature

Have you ever thought why there is a logger tab in utorrent and make use the ipfilter feature?

When downloading big files using torrent you may notice you received huge amount ofUtorrent Fake Peers Blocking wasted data too.

Every so often, you will have received more wasted data than the size of the files you are downloading and this data has been discarded after being deemed corrupt or invalid by torrent client.

This is because Anti-P2P organizations are actively polluting P2P networks with fake peers, which sends fake and corrupt data in order to waste bandwidth and slow down file transfers.

There is also a much more serious side to this. Once you established a connection to one of these fake "peers", your IP has been logged and will most likely be sent to the RIAA/MPAA!

This is why there is a feature called IP filtering option in the utorrent. Easily we can block all of these fake peers and speed up downloads and avoiding the receiving many of garbage data.
  • First we need to retrieve a list of currently known Anti-P2P organization IPs. We can easily do by downloading the Bluetack fake peers list. nipfilter.dat.gz
  • Extract the .gz file and rename the ”nipfilter.dat" to "ipfilter.dat"
  • Next thing we needs to make this file available in utorrent, for that go to run and copy the exact word %AppData%\uTorrent and press enter.
Start-> Run and type %AppData%\uTorrent
  • Now copy the ipfilter.dat file into the opened folder and restart the utorrent.
  • Verify that the ipfilter list is properly loaded into utorrent by switching logger tab
There should be a message something similar to this.[2009-05-08 23:05:49] Loaded ipfilter.dat (247768 entries)

Good habit:
Check updates of this file for the newest fake peers at least once a week.


chik said...

Thanks my torrent downloading time reduced, this is such a useful for all public torrents trackers i think.

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