Friday, May 29, 2009

Why a Computer Getting Freeze & How to Fix

Many of users screaming about their computers getting freeze even they done the things like fixing registry errors, defragmenting hard drives, removing junk files and etc that are most common options for fixing slower computers.
Computer Freeze
Doing such things would not be enough for fixing on some issue that has happen to your computer. I have listed some of the main causes that mostly influence for freeze a computer.

  • Ram Memory
The amount of RAM your system required is depending on the computer hardware usage and operating system.

If your computer has installed the lager applications most of the times you required at least 1GB RAM memory for proper usage.

Windows XP or Windows 2000 users must have at least 512 MB of memory on your computer. Windows Vista and Windows 7 users will need at least 1 GB of RAM for comfortable work but it is better to having 2GB or more.

As I mentioned earlier if you work with larger applications like 3d max, Photoshop CS4, Maya and etc along with the OS vista and windows 7, then it would be better to having 3GB or more RAM installed in your system.

  • Scan for Viruses and Spyware
If the computer infected with malicious software like virus, spyware and etc probably cause to freeze a computer as malicious programs use more computer resource for its background processes.

AVAST and AVG both are popular antivirus programs which you can have for free, although for fully protection you have to buy them. ThreatFire another useful program for detect “trojans” (special kind of spyware that hides itself from normal antivirus scanners) and eliminate completely.

  • Disable Programs Uses More Resources
To find out which program or programs are using up the resources, open the Task Manager
Right click on task bar >> Task Manager
In process tab check the “CPU” column, this column will show you CPU usage of all the processes currently running on your pc. Easily you can determine which processes that are eat more CPU resources and disable it if the process is not important.

Also if the program has set to start with the computer you may need to disable it from the start up too.

Removing programs form computer start up read here.

  • Hardware Problems
Even you haven’t install many of program still your computer can be get freeze because of the hardware problems. Possible hardware problem are,
  1. Bad or corrupt RAM
  2. High CPU temperature
  3. Bad drivers


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