Monday, June 22, 2009

Google Docs for Computer Beginners

I thought to make a collection of Google docs for computer beginners, and finally I could cover Google Docs Usefulsome useful aspects briefly.

All given links are Google doc presentations, which will cover important areas for computer novice.

  • Basic Tips
Helpful Hints

Computer Basics

Internet Access

Save a document to a Temporary Drive or Portable Drive

  • Email
E-Mail Account Setup

Email Account Use

Email and Electronic Storage

  • Yahoo
YAHOO Components 1

YAHOO Components 2

  • G-Mail
G-Mail Components 1

Gmail Components 2

Windows and Computer Components

  • DataBase
OPLIN Auto Repair Database

OPLIN Heritage Quest Database

  • Resume
Resume Writing

Create a resume

  • Other
Online Application Process

Electronic Coupon Clipping

Career and Job Search Engines


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