Thursday, June 4, 2009

Reasons to a Computer Restart itself Automatically

Might you your computer have facing this and the sound is annoyed. If the computer restart itself as a habit randomly or a in a time cycle then that could be done by malicious virus inside your system.Computer Restart Problem

  • A virus:
You need to make your computer virus guard up to date and make sure the virus program working properly. Also you need to be assuring that the antivirus program hefty enough for beating at least 99% viruses.

Here I’m trying to consolidate several reasons for a computer restart itself without knowing the user.

  • Downloaded updates need to install
A computer can be restart because automatically downloaded an update package needs install its updates and work out this by itself restarting the computer. Probably these could be malicious programs.

  • Overheating:
Overheating of the parts also cause for this kind of matter. In fact the proper response of a computer to overheating is the power off. Nothing is gained by restarting. However overheating could cause the BIOS or power supply to malfunction causing it to restart.

You can improve the airflow through the machine or invest in a water-cooling system. These are favored by gamers, who put a lot of stress on machines heating them up.

  • Microsoft Auto Update:
Microsoft Auto Update can force a reboot to the after countdown (Many pc's are set to do this at 3am by default) if the update requires a dll reload/change.

  • Remotely Shutdown:
Also someone can use shutdown -i which is a command to remotely shutdown a computer all they would need is an IP address (Internet protocol Address).


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