Tuesday, September 29, 2009

15 tips to Maximize HP Laptop Battery Life

You can use following suggestions to make your HP Laptop battery live longer during the each charge cycle. It is always recommend to following instructions for the HP laptop battery, charging and storage that came with the battery or notebook.

1. Manage battery power more effectively in Windows

2. Power Options in Windows XP allow you to control the power management features of your notebook PC. Make sure the battery gives the power you need and when you need it.
Read more power options at Microsoft:

3. Reduce the brightness of the screen to the minimum readable level. Use FN and F7 or F8 keys to adjust the brightness.Laptop Battery

4. Remove peripherals you're not using. External hard drives, CD-ROMs, Zip drives, PC cards, and other peripheral devices can draw power from your battery even when they are not in active use. Disconnect them when you have finished using them.

5. Reduce the speed of your processor. The faster your computer works, the more quickly it uses up the supply of power. By cutting down on processor speed, you can extend the charge of your battery. Methods for reduce processor speed vary from model to model, so you may need to refer your manual before going through this.

6. Turn off the Wireless On-Off button when it is not in use. If your notebook has one, press the Wireless On-Off button so that the light turns off.

7. Store Li-Ion batteries between 20°C and 25°C (68°F and 77°F) with 30% to 50% charge.

8. Do not leave batteries exposed to high temperatures for extended periods. Prolonged exposure to heat will accelerate the deterioration of Li-Ion cells.

9. Remove the battery if the notebook will be stored (turned off and not plugged into AC power) for more than 2 weeks.

10. Remove the Pavilion DV2000 battery if the notebook will be plugged into AC power continuously (via a wall adapter or docking station) for more than 2 weeks.

11. Short discharges and recharges do not fully synchronize the battery's fuel gauge with the battery's state-of-charge. This can result in the amount of power available in one cycle being less than expected or the laptop battery meter being inaccurate.

12. Under normal usage, batteries should be calibrated a minimum of once every 3 months.

13. Regular Laptop HD defragmentation can help you manage the data to be more efficient and make the hard drive (HD) a little faster to access the data. When HD works quickly, the more you can spare of laptop battery energy.

14. Suspend the Scheduled Tasks (virus scan) that uses more battery energy.

15. If you don’t use laptop some time, make sure that the laptop is 40% filled, pull the battery, and store in some dark place.


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