Friday, September 25, 2009

Few Major steps to reduce the fan noise of your computer.

If you have any experience surly you know how fan noise is really annoying, here are some simple tips to make it reduce.

  • Allow better air flow:Reduce computer Fan Noises
Always clear additional space around the computer so it allows for better airflow. Cooling fans will have to work less if there is enough airflow.

  • Replace newer Model:
If your fans giving too much noise one thing you should consider is the model. Old fan models are make more noise also if your fans are too old then there can be some technical issues. So it is best to replace newer model fans for your existing cooling fans in the computer.

  • Using soundproofing foam:
You can use soundproofing foam in the interior of the computer. Insert a thin layer to the inside of the computer case. Soundproof padding will help you to reduce fan computer noises.

  • Upgrade the power supply unit:
Power supply unit one of the most important part you should consider and it can make noises for several reasons. You should be aware about those otherwise it can burn your some computer parts too. Old power supply units are often noisy and a newer one will run more efficiently and with less noise.

  • Area between the fans and the computer case:
Cut a small cloth gasket to place between the fan mounting and the actual computer case. This will reduce computer vibrations and also computer noises.

  • Have additional heat sinks:
Additional heat sinks draw air away from various areas that tend to heat the most. This will make the computer run better. Less overheat and run with less noise.

  • New Computer case:
Buy a new case for the computer that is sound-resistant. Fewer sounds will escape the computer as it is running and you will automatically reduce the fan noise.


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